Conflict & Resolution: Confronting Someone About Their Addiction

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Addiction is a terrible subject to discuss. If someone you love is going through an addiction, the temptation to confront them about it can throw up a lot of conflicts, not least in your own mind. While we all want the best for our loved ones or friends, speaking to them about their problems can be tumultuous, to say the least. It could very well be that their addiction is not one of the usual ones and so it might not even register on their radar. But, whether it is alcohol, sugar or substances what can we all do to broach the subject?

Keep Calm

You don’t want confrontation, but you need to start off on an even keel. Ultimately, you are trying to help them, so being angry isn’t going to start things off on the right foot. Your goal is to stay as calm as possible.

Choose A Time

Picking a time is difficult, because you want them to be as corpus mentis as possible. This does, ultimately, depend on the nature of the addiction. But by picking the right time, this will help both sides. Picking the best moment can be difficult, but it might be important to see if a pattern is established in their habits. In which case, you can find the perfect moment.

Expect Defense

Ultimately, they are going to lash out in denial. You need to expect this, so you can best prepare yourself. You might want to practice what you’re going to say, especially if this has been going on for too long. Over-emoting is not going to provide a solution, because the person will break off the conversation and leave. It depends on their own admission of if they have a problem or not. They might feel that it’s time to do something, and we’re simply waiting for someone to clarify what they’ve been thinking. In instances like this, there are always rehab facilities in places like Aurora, or anywhere in your midst. However, while rehabilitation could be the goal in your opinion, it may take a long time to get there, because they have to admit they have a problem. This is why, when confronting someone, it’s important to be factual.

Feelings And Emotions Are Key

While it’s counterproductive to rise to anger, it’s vital for you to explain to them how the problems are making you feel. When someone is caught in any sort of addiction, they don’t consider the thoughts and feelings of everyone around them. So when you are confronting them, by being honest and showing real examples of their selfishness, it could be the wake-up call they need.

As difficult as it is, it needs to be done at some point. Confronting a friend or a loved one about any type of addiction is, essentially, telling them they’re doing something wrong, which they will not think is the case. But an intervention will help the person going through their troubles realize the error of their ways, and, ultimately, get help.


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