Get The Whole Family To Sleep In The Summer Heat

Summer’s here, which is great for spending those beautiful sunny days with your loved ones, enjoying the warmer weather. However, the warmer temperatures can be unwelcome in the evenings, making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep for all the family.


Want to make sure you sleep soundly this summer? Here’s how you can get the whole family to sleep in the summer heat.

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Keep up the nightly routine

Your nightly routine is important, helping everyone to get the right amount of sleep every night. Even with the lighter evenings, it’s essential that you stick to the same bedtimes and the same pre-bed rituals to help keep things as normal as possible. With a new baby in the house, you’ll need to establish a newborn bedtime routine that works for all of you, and keep it up during the summer. The hotter days will soon ease, and at least your nighttime routine will still be in place.

Make sure everyone’s hydrated

It’s easy to get dehydrated in the heat, but it could have some serious consequences if you don’t tackle it. You should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day as standard, and more during hot days. Babies can drink water from around 6 months old, so milk should suffice to keep babies hydrated up until that point. For adults and older children, keep some water by the bed so that you can all have a drink in the night if you wake up parched.

Cool the house down

You can help turn down the heat in your home by taking steps to cool it down. Leave some windows open during the day so that the heat doesn’t build up, and you can even shut the curtains to provide some shade.

Try a cold water bottle

In winter, you’d use a hot water bottle to warm up your bed – so why not try the opposite in the summer? Put a filled water bottle in the fridge and put it at the end of your bed before you go to sleep. It will help keep the bed cooler so that you can drift off easier.

Use a fan

If temperatures are unbearable, you can do what many people do and use a fan to help sleep at night. The problem with fans is that they can be noisy, although new models from Dyson and other brands are much quieter than your typical fan. If your fan is making more noise than it should, then you might need help fixing a noisy fan. Invest in some timers so that the fans will turn off after a certain period to save electricity and to stop the room from getting too cold if temperatures dip later in the night.


Lighten the bedding

Thick, luxury bedding is wonderful for comfort, but that added bulk is not so comfortable during the summer. If you’re struggling to sleep with your current bedding, lighten it up to make it much easier to relax and be comfortable during the night. Cotton bedding is great, and choose non-feather or down bedding that won’t keep you too warm. Summer bedding is a must for your home and could help you all to sleep better during the heat.

Dress everyone appropriately

Clothing that’s too warm or bulky can be very uncomfortable during the summer months. Wear light cotton clothing that will absorb any sweat and choose clothes that you can move around in easily. Dressing babies and newborns for bed in summer can be tricky, and you’ll have to take it each night to measure the temperature and decide what’s appropriate.

Avoid hot meals and drinks

Eating a hot meal or having hot drinks before bed will make your body feel warmer, which can make it difficult to drift off to sleep. Summer calls for lighter foods like salads, so learn how to make a Greek salad and enjoy some tasty foods that won’t leave you feeling warm and bloated at night.

Take a cool shower

A cool shower can be a great way for the whole family to get ready for bed, bringing your body temperature down so that you can get to sleep quicker. Babies can have a lukewarm bath instead of a warm one but make it quick so that they don’t get too cold. This will help you all feel fresher after a day of sweating in the summer heat.


Sleeping in the summer heat isn’t always easy, but by taking some practical steps, you can make it work. Bookmark this page to keep this useful tips to hand so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep this summer.

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