DUI Crashes Injure 800 People Daily: 4 Rules for Drinking Responsibly

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Each day, 800 people are injured in crashes caused by drunk drivers. If you decide to drive after drinking alcohol, you could put yourself and others in danger of getting hurt or possibly being killed. However, there are several strategies that can be used to drink in s a safe and responsible manner.

Drink at Home

One of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from driving while drunk is to consume alcohol at home. If you want to replicate the bar experience at home, you can install a sound system, buy a pool table or install a large television to watch the game with your friends. Depending on your budget, it is possible to buy equipment to brew your own beer with.

Don’t Drive After Drinking

If you don’t think that you can resist the urge to drive after drinking, give your keys to a friend or designate a driver. In most cities, you can hail an Uber or Lyft driver with your smartphone. Remember, if you are caught driving while intoxicated, it could have significant consequences for your life. You’ll have to get a DUI lawyer, go to court, and most likely serve jail time.

Know Your Limit

It is important that you understand how much alcohol your body can reasonably tolerate. If you know that you start slurring your words or start falling down after three drinks, limit yourself to three drinks or less in a given night. By limiting your alcohol intake, you have more control over your actions such as whether you choose to drive when it isn’t safe to do so. Eating before you go out to drink can help your body better absorb the alcohol, which can diminish its effects somewhat.

Your Body Can Burn One Drink Per Hour

As a general rule, each drink increases your blood alcohol content by .02 percent (depending on the drink, of course), and the legal limit is .08 percent in most states. Therefore, you should aim to have four or fewer drinks if you plan on driving home from dinner or the bar. As your body will burn off one drink per hour, waiting an hour or two after drinking before driving home can increase your odds of doing so safely.

The last thing that you want to do is hurt or kill someone while impaired on alcohol or other substances. Therefore, be sure that you either drink at your own home or have a safe way to get home after spending an evening out drinking.

DUI Crashes Injure 800 People Daily: 4 Rules for Drinking Responsibly
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