4 Solutions to Issues Women Never Talk About

Health, especially feminine health, can be a taboo topic to discuss, even amongst women, and many health issues are often overlooked. Even though it is less likely to be addressed, it’s important for women to know what causes specific matters and the best solutions to treat them. 

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Vaginal Dryness 

Vaginal dryness is indicative of vaginal atrophy, which is typically related to women who are close to, or currently experiencing, menopause. Vaginal atrophy is the thinning of the walls of the vagina due to a decrease in estrogen levels. Aside from the dryness experienced in a woman’s vaginal area, if a woman is also experiencing itching and pain during sexual intercourse, doctors typically diagnose this as vaginal atrophy, after also conducting a pelvic exam. Vaginal atrophy and dryness don’t necessarily need to be treated unless a woman experiences additional symptoms or any discomfort, though it can be rather emotionally stressful for a woman who has an active sex life. If treatment is necessary, there some options for a woman to consider. Hormone therapy, vaginal estrogen rings, vaginal estrogen creams, and vaginal estrogen tablets are the most common treatments. However, hormone therapy presents other health risks that may deter a woman from using that method. 

Weakening Bones 

As women age, their bone strength decreases, causing a weakening in their bones. This is due to estrogen levels dropping as age increases. Also, because women tend to have thinner, smaller bones than men, their bones are more likely to break as they reach menopausal age. Doctors tend to suggest hormone therapy or estrogen therapy as a treatment, but the best preventative medicine is to ensure that you receive calcium and vitamin D, exercise, and avoid drinking and smoking. 

Supplement Use 

Another issue that many women are reluctant to discuss is the use of supplements. When women get older, there is often the need to take additional supplements to ensure that she’s getting the right amount of nutrients she needs. The use of supplements is beneficial because they help maintain health when a woman’s body does not absorb enough nutrients from food or when a woman’s diet does not contain the necessary nutrients needed to sustain the body. 

Yeast Infections 

Though many women commonly face this issue, it is quite often not discussed. At some point in life, most women will have had at least one yeast infection. Treatment is much more straightforward than most women would think. After a trip to the doctor, over-the-counter medications are available at local pharmacies to treat this prevalent condition. However, if it’s severe, which is rare, then a doctor will need to be consulted for further treatment. 

As there are many options available for treating common health issues women face, the topic of feminine health should be discussed more frequently. These solutions are easily accessible, and there are multiple options to fit the needs of women experiencing these issues. Check out our article on other reasons you might want to see a gynecologist as well! 



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