5 Surprising Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Beard Trimmers

For anything to have a longer lifespan without wear and tear, you require keen knowledge on how to maintain it. You will need it’s service for a very long time, and you can’t achieve this if you are careless. The same way you have your clothes and coats washed regularly is the same way you need to take care of your trimmers. It’s a way to thank the machine for the services it provides you. You need to first identify the type of trimmer you have. Get to know how to maintain it well. You need quality services from the trimmer, but do you maintain it in the required manner? It’s not hard to take care of a beard trimmer. Good maintenance will mean it gives you service for a long time, and still remains as good as new. 

5 Surprising Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Beard Trimmers

  1. Oiling

If you bought your beard trimmer the right way, then it should have been accompanied by blade oil. You need to always oil your clippers; it will give them a longer lifespan. Probably you might have misplaced it. Don’t worry; you can still purchase another one online, or walk to the stores and get another piece. This will ensure that you get quality services for a longer period. 

  1. Hygiene

After you are done with beard trimming, it’s just common sense to clean them. Do not store your blades with hair or any form of dirt. This is not only for quality services, but also to help you maintain quality skin. The skin is sensitive, and you can’t risk using blades that are oxidized as they can cause havoc. The best beard trimmer package always has a clean brush to clean it. In the event that you have misplaced it, don’t worry; you can use a clean toothbrush to clean off the oiled blades. 

  1. Lubrication

You will not use all the blades at the same time. How then do you preserve the other blades for future use? It’s advisable to always oil dormant blades before you put them to use. They have been dormant and have not been used for a while. Oiling them will help in lubrication which reduces the level of irritation and discomfort to the skin. This will translate to reduced friction during your trimming processes. This will ensure all your blades offer quality services.  

  1. Rust

This is also known as oxidization. Always check on your blades for any form of dusty brownish color. You can’t risk having rusted blades get into contact with your skin. Rust is generally a sign of wear and tear of the blades; probably it’s a good time to consider changing or buying new ones. If you ignore, then you will have to live with the consequences of the blades pulling your hair as you shave, which is really painful.

  1. Charged

It’s always good to charge your trimmer so as to achieve maximum results. The truth is that the battery will get depleted. A trimmer that is obtaining electric current directly from a socket is more powerful and likely to give better results. Having vast knowledge about the charging system will ensure you know the right time to change your battery.

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