What Are The Biggest Challenges When You Learn To Play The Guitar?

There are many different challenges that are mentioned when people learn to play the guitar. Obviously, challenges vary from one student to the next. No matter what guitar is used though, there are always some challenges that keep popping up. These are presented below, with a focus on what is commonly mentioned by beginners. 

What Are The Biggest Challenges When You Learn To Play The Guitar?
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Changing Between Chords

Even when you use high-quality guitars, like the Martin OMCPA 1, you will initially have some problems when you have to change chords. Initially, the student learns to hold 2 chords and problems appear when there is the realization that changing between all of them is needed. The solution starts with holding down C major. When students first do this, everything seems to be impossible. Then, everything becomes simple. This is exactly what happens with changing between chords. 

String Skipping

When trying to pluck two strings that are non-adjacent, this problem can appear as the right string is normally not hit. What you have to do is to keep practicing as the hand ends up getting used to all strings. Eventually, you will be able to pluck all the strings without even having to look at them. As people learn how to play the guitar, they get an instinctive feel of where to place hands. This is obviously not something that will happen overnight but practice surely does make perfect. 

Barre Chords Problems

Around 50% of guitar students run into a problem while holding barre chords. In order to correctly play bar chords you need to have hands that are coordinated and strong. After you learn about the appropriate barre chords playing technique, practice is going to be necessary. 

Knowing What Song Should Be Practiced

This is a really common question among the students that tend to skip songs, all without learning them in the first place. The problem with doing this is that you do not actually master the technique that is taught through that particular song. Different beginner guitar songs exist and you end up choosing one of them. Then, you run into a problem. This is where you might decide to move to another song to practice. Eventually, as you keep doing this, you do not really learn any of the songs you practice. 

Always remember that you need to continue learning a song until you can play it right. Do not give up simply because some difficulty appears. 

Lack Of Practice Time

It seems that most people out there do not actually have that much available time. Guitar students often do not have practice time but the solution for this is to keep lessons as short and as to the point as possible. Normally, lessons last around half an hour on an hour. However, even five minutes is going to move you forward. As you wait for something to cook in the microwave oven or as you watch TV, you could practice. If you really want to learn how to play the guitar, you can surely find the practice time you need. 

What Are The Biggest Challenges When You Learn To Play The Guitar?
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