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Enter To Win: Game of Thrones Fan Giveaway!

Ok, so don’t judge me but I was totally late when it came to the Game of Thrones phenomenon. It’s not that I didn’t want to watch it, I just knew that I had to be prepared to take on a new tv addiction. Earlier this year when I took a mini self-care break, I...
Posted On 24 Apr 2016

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Giveaway

Ever been curious about what happened before Snow White? Well, The Huntsman: Winter’s War starring Chris Hemsworth and Oscar® winner Charlize Theron is giving you a glimpse into the story before Snow White and The Huntsman, as they return in this prequel joined by Emily Blunt and...
Posted On 13 Apr 2016



Fantasy Friday: Week 6 Results- Closing The Gap

Week 6 is in the books and with our second win in a row we still sit in third place, with a 3-3 record. But, we are now one game out of first place. It was hard to see a win coming in week 6 because 3 of my players left the game early before putting up some good points, but with...

Fantasy Friday: Week 5 Results- Bitter Sweet Victory

Yes, We won another game and beat the undefeated team in our divison. We are now 2-3 and still holding the number three spot within the division. If all the balls fall in the right place, we will be tied for second or one game out of first place. But we need WIN WIN WIN to solve...

Coffee Talk

Learn How To Make Your Vision Board! #YLA25VisionBoard

What You’ll Need: cork board poster board pictures (magazines clippings, images from the web, etc) glue or push pins scissors     Step 1: Choose a theme and plan. I recommend making a list of things you would like to add on your vision board. Think about your...
Posted On 06 Jan 2014

What To Do On New Year’s Eve

The end of the year is approaching fast and millions of people across the globe will be facing that age old dilemma of what to do on New Year’s Eve. I always struggle with this one. Part of me thinks it is an occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style whilst my more...
Posted On 20 Dec 2013

Arts & Books

Win A Whole New World – FAIRY TALE 2.0 Giveaway!

 Special thanks to Disney-Hyperion for sponsoring this giveaway! With kids back in school and the holidays on the ways we wanted to give you all a look at a great gift for your teens or a great read for you if you’re a fan of fairy tales. Imagine an exciting twist on some...
Posted On 16 Sep 2015

Win a SCOUR THE CLUES with Brad Meltzer Prize Pack Giveaway!

Samples & prizing are provided by Grand Central Publishing Are you a fan of books that tell about political intrigue?  Or a History Channel junkie, like me?  Then, here is another giveaway that is sure to get you excited!  Most of you know I love shows like Scandal or that I...
Posted On 21 May 2015
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