How To Get The Day To Night Look

  1. Hi Im Jay, Im a number seven make-up artist. Today we’ll be giving you top-tips on how to get that day to evening look.
  2. Step 1: First tip

    Ok so our first top tip comes from Lynn pailey, one of our Number Seven Facebook fans and she absolutely loves our number 7 skin illuminator. So to get that soft shimmer you can either mix it with your foundation all over, or directly on top of the cheek bone. Another reason why Lynn really loves this product is that it gives a really good glisten look under the disco lights.

  3. Step 2: Second tip

    Ok so my classic top tip for a day to night look is an absolute staple, a red lipstick. So im going to use fire lip liner just to really delicately line the lips. With a red lipstick you need a really crisp lip line. Just be really gentle with it you dont need a really harsh line its just basically to give a crisp outline so that the lipstick stays in place.

  4. Step 3: Finish second tip

    And then just fill in the rest of the lips and that acts as a really good stain, giving the stay in power whilst drinking on a night out.

  5. Step 4: Third tip

    On Hannah today we are going to be using the moisture drench in glam, which is one of our new red shades. Its got a nice soft sheen to it so its not too glossy and its not too matt. Just a real classic red tone. Using a brush also adds a good staying power as it gets in all the nooks and crannys of the lip.

  6. Step 5: Fourth tip

    Next tip, im going to use our matt mocha which is a really nice chocolately eye shadow.Using the matt mocha, really softly blend in jsut under the brow bone, making sure the two colours just softly merge together rather than stop and starting. Little circular movements, towards the browbone, so it eventually fades away.

  7. Step 6: Finish fourth tip

    Using a smaller brush, just delicately, a few brushes, along the lash line just towards the middle. Just really defining the eye shape, and adding that extra drama.

  8. Step 7: FInal tip

    And finally number sevens new top tip for taking your make up from day to night using the new lash adapt mascara. So Hannah’s already got two layers on which is really nice for a day look but we’re just going to step it up to an evening look to really build up volume. And impact. And colour.

  9. Step 9: The End

    Theres our top tips to get your makeup from day to night.


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