How To Do Nail Art At Home

Check out these fabulous nail art styles…

  1. Step 1: Look 1: Reverse French Manicure

    First, apply the guide at the base of the nail, on the nail moon. Apply the nail colour to the whole nail above the guide.
    Carefully remove the guide. Let the polish dry and seal with a clear topcoat.

  2. Step 2: Look 2: Glitter French Manicure

    A glitter french manicure is similar to a traditional french manicure, but it has a glitter tip rather than a white one.
    Firstly, apply the guide to the tip of the nail. Apply the base coat and sprinkle on the glitter before the base coat dries.
    Let the glitter set in the base coat, before lifting off the nail guide. Apply the nail colour over the top.
    Seal the colour with a topcoat – we recommend HAN wraps which are thick and will seal the glitter well.

  3. Step 3: Look 3: Polka Dots

    For a polka dot look, first apply a base coat. Next apply the nail colour to the whole nail.

  4. Step 4: Look 4: Diamonte

    For sparkly diamonte nails, first apply a base coat. Apply the nail colour to the whole of the nail. Jessica to elaborate on detail on achieveing this look – at the shoot


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