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If You’re In #Atlanta Join Me TODAY In Supporting @CityOfRefuge At Chef Ford Fry’s food truck!

If You're In Atlanta Join Me TODAY In Supporting City Of Refuge At Ford Fry’s food truck!

We’re big on supporting causes in the community when we can, I was pleased to be invited to check out People’s Food Truck because what better way than to raise money while pleasing the tummy. Tonight promises to be a yummy sneak peek into what the food truck will be offering in the future and boasts a menu full of delicacies. Take a look at the menu:

People’s Menu Highlights (full menu options will be available):


Mississippi Delta Hot Tamales:
Heritage pork tamales, chile “gravy” (3)

Tacos (2) or Po Boy:
“Pig n pickle” / wood grilled pork shoulder, house mayo, pickles & herbs
The “el rancho” / wood grilled steak, smoky onion, pickled carrot & avocado

Papas Fritas (paper cone) / naked, chile gravy y queso, or OOOEEE!!! Sauce
Wood roasted corn on the cob / mayonnaise, cotija, chile and lime

Rum “sopped” coconut cake
Blue ribbon banana pudding

People’s is a non-profit food truck that is bringing ‘feel good food’ to Atlanta. Owned and operated by City of Refuge, and with a menu created by Chef Ford Fry (The Optimist, No. 246, JCT Kitchen), every meal purchased from People’s will in turn feed those in need!

Join me tonight Atlanta as I get to support the only food truck that is by the people and FOR THE PEOPLE!

Click here to make a donation to People’s Food Truck!


After all that good food you can also sign up to help City of Refuge at their first annual Refuge Run (5K)


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