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Adjusting to Changes During Your Pregnancy

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When you first get the news you are pregnant you are undoubtedly overjoyed. As you get deeper into your pregnancy you will likely experience a multitude of changes to your body and emotions, all brought on by changing levels of hormones. Seeing a doctor can help you cope with these changes and your physician can help you get more information on not only the baby’s development process but also what you can expect when giving birth. In 2010, vaginal deliveries more than doubled the amount of Cesarean deliveries in the United States. It is also important to note that only five percent of babies are born on the exact due date and most women give birth between weeks 37 and 42 of pregnancy. Talking to your doctor will help you understand more of the intricacies of the birth, such as what happens to the umbilical cord blood and what will happen to your body after delivery. Learn more about pregnancy and your baby’s development by taking a look at the following infographic.

Adjusting to Changes During Your Pregnancy Adjusting to Changes During Your Pregnancy

David Cormier is a designer for Cord Advantage, who are leading the way in affordable cord blood banking.


Check out this cool Pregnancy time lapse

Stop-Motion Pregnancy Time Lapse by Jokeroo

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