5 Top Ways to Monetize Things You Enjoy Doing

The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It’s true — most people dream of being able to do what they love as a career. From creating creative crafts to sell online to being able to work from home and enjoy more quality time with family, the lure of doing what you love for the rest of your life is a strong one. But is it possible to monetize and make it work?

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1. Just Do It

Sure, you can dream about doing what you enjoy for a paycheck, but procrastination will never get you there. If you need help, seeking a life coach will enable you to find an accountability partner to keep you on track with your goals. Careful planning will allow you to move forward with your plans, but ultimately the decision is up to you to jump in and get started.


2. Be Prepared

When it comes to the motto, “be prepared,” the Boy Scouts were absolutely right. Financially, you will want to start saving to give yourself a cushion should you want to quit your career to pursue your dream. The more you are able to save, the less likely your business will be ruled solely by financial decisions. Additionally, be ready to start your new business while continuing to work that job. It will be a lot of hours and extremely demanding, but in the end it will be worth it.


3. Write a Business Plan

Where many new start-ups and small businesses fail is by not writing a business plan. This important document will outline financial strategy, marketing plans and also provide an important road map to keep you on the path to success. Additionally, should you want to look for investors or possible loans from the bank, you will need a business plan to show how you plan to move into doing what you love for a living.


4. Think Like a Consumer

Have you ever walked into a store and wondered, “Why would someone make this and who would buy it?” Now it’s time to put your idea through that test. For example, if you love to make cupcakes and already have friends who ask you to make them, it’s a safe bet that it might make a good business model for you. Ask your friends and family their thoughts on your bold business venture, and also do some online research to see if others are doing likewise.

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5. Pick Your Dream Wisely

Everyone has hobbies that they love or even a dream career. However, while you may still want to be a rock star, the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. List out all the things you enjoy doing and all the dreams jobs you’ve ever thought of. Try to think back to when you were younger, and the goals and aspirations you had then. Now go through the list crossing off anything unrealistic (astronaut, President of the United States, etc.) and anything in which you can’t immediately see a career happening (fishing, marathon running). You will then be left with a list you can work.

If you’ve been jealous of those who are doing what they love and are getting paid for it, then it’s time to get started on the dreams of your own. By following these five important steps, you’ll be on your way to loving your career too.

Self-employed Lisa Coleman has to stay completely organized and scheduled to maneuver her busy schedule and four kids. She uses help from family and close friends, and resources from professionals such as a life coach, and sheer determination to achieve the scale of success she has reached.

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