9 Types Of Bras All Women Should Have and Here Is Why

No matter how much I learn about the world of bras, I’ve found there is always something new to learn. I recently had a bra faux pas moment when I attended an event. When I left the house I thought the bra I was wearing was great for the dress because I loved the bra with other outfits, boy was I wrong. It wasn’t until I saw pictures of myself in this dress that I realized I had worn the wrong undergarments for it. In the age of the internet where pictures live online forever, lady can’t really afford to make these mistakes. When I saw Aerie’s 9 types of Bras infographic I knew it was something I had to share.


According the the infographic every woman should have these type of bras; full coverage, demi coverage, plunge, pushup, lightly lined, multi-way, bare, sports, and layering bra. For me I tend to gravitate towards lightly lined, sports, full/demi coverage or plunging bras. Over the years I’ve had the most trouble finding the right strapless bras… I think that comes from being self-conscious though lol. For the dress I wore my signature lightly lined bra, while it was comfortable and looked fabulous… I think a full coverage bra would have been a better choice.

Here’s a look at the fabulous lightly lined bra I got from Aerie using the bra shopping guide.

Did you know the life span of a bra is 6-9 months?

I know many ladies are not aware of that, check out more facts and tips by clicking the infographics below.

Aerie 9 bra types

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