Dress It Up: 5 Clothing Tips for Professional Stylish Women

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she needs to accept the fact that she’s all grown up. It’s not fun at the beginning, because there’s a lot of things you need to leave behind, like childish behavior, broken relationships, bad habits and – old clothes. You need to get used to having responsibilities and acting like an adult, but there’s also a fun part in all of this; you get to replace the contents of your closet. Acting like an adult means looking like one. If you want to be taken seriously around the office, you should look professional, and the next five tips will help you get there!

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Neat, Simple & Feminine 

These three should be used as guidelines. When you go shopping, you need to focus and resist all your instincts that tell you to do the opposite. In order to look professional, and considered as one, it’s important not to wear the clothes that will distract people from your mind and skills – if nothing else, this may slow down the progress of your career. Even if they shouldn’t be, people are judgmental, so don’t allow yourself to be misunderstood at your workplace.

Show Skin Tastefully

You know the rules – if you show cleavage, cover up your legs, and the other way around. Until now, this skin showing included your belly button as well, but don’t even think about showing up with a naked stomach at your workplace. You don’t have to be all covered up from head to toes, especially if you don’t feel comfortable being dressed that way, but don’t exaggerate.

Wear Quality Shoes

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You’re a grown up now, and you need to start thinking about comfort, not only appearance. Purchasing quality shoes will allow you to move around the office with no issues whatsoever – otherwise, you would be dying a bit on the inside, with every step of the way. Obviously, that would distract you from work.

It’s Time for Brands

A grown woman gets to spend her money on whatever she likes, so no one, and absolutely no one can tell you not to give a fortune for a clothing item you fell in love with. Buying branded clothes is a necessary luxury – they last much, much longer, and you’ll look amazing while wearing them. However, you should limit the monthly budget intended for this kind of shopping, because it’s pretty easy to get carried away.

Find a Good Tailor

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If there’s no way you can afford branded clothes now, you can make your regular clothes look better. Make friends with a good tailor, and find out what they can do for you. An inch here and there will make a huge difference. The only thing that tailors can’t help you with are jackets and coats – if you get something that’s too tight around your shoulders, it simply can’t be tailored, so pay attention to that small detail.

Rebuild your style

Don’t throw away your old clothes – give it away! You’ll feel a lot better if you know that clothes will make someone else happy, and that it won’t rot somewhere. Besides, you don’t have to get rid of everything, some items are probably too precious to give up, just be careful when and where you wear them. This is the perfect opportunity to rebuild your style, so take it!


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