Spring is HERE! Check Out Our Fashion Finds For The Season From Burlington!

Now that Winter time is over and we’re shedding our Winter closets and skin it’s time to get our Springtime style in order. I was SUPER excited to get this opportunity with Burlington because I’m in desperate need of a closet update lol. With Spring ushering in I’m forced to shave my legs, but I’m excited to get back into dresses and cute skirts. This year’s Spring fashion is all about bright colors and bold prints. Of course floral is back in style but in addition to that paisley, suede, crochet are big hits on the runway. In fact the big trend for Spring 2015 is a 70’s type of style also known as hippie or boho chic.


For me, fashion should always be an expression of your own personal style. It’s good to know what the latest trends are but it’s also important to know how to mix in your own personal touches and feel comfortable in what you wear. With that in mind my shopping spree in Burlington was AWESOME! I mean totally racked up, by then of my spree I was able to walk away with 2 dresses, 3 skirts and and 2 shirts ALL for under $100!

Dresses I Picked Up From Burlington


I loved both these dresses because they were all about that bold statement that Spring 2015 fashion is making AND they were both very comfortable, yet cute.  Since both patterns are so bold I would pair them with a either some sandals and cute but subtle accessories or you can dress them up with happy hour wedges or cute pumps. The key to wearing each dress is making sure you have the correct undergarments underneath to support your body structure, unless you’re fortunate to be able to go braless lol. That blue dress was one of my favorite pieces in my shopping spree haul. Next up are the skirts and shirts I picked up, I actually ended up picking up another maxi skirt last minute (not pictured).

Skirt and Shirt Combos I Picked Up From Burlington

Burlington Skirts

Skirts both long and short are necessary for your spine wardrobe because the weather is still transitioning.  For me, you can almost never go wrong with a pencil skirt.  I love being able to keep fun and stylish or add a jacket to make it business casual. I also LOVED the paisley skirt I picked up on the right, you can pair it with any color tank found in the pattern and it would look awesome.  I grabbed both those shirts for $4.99 a piece, such a steal… and I love that I can mix and match each shirt with other bottoms; jeans, shorts, skirts, to create new outfits. Overall I think I did a GREAT job maximizing my $100 budget from Burlington, however, I also wanted to include a few honorary mentions that didn’t quite make my list. Below are some of the cutest purses, I felt like I was in purse heaven and then I found some super cute and comfy shoes.  Because I have a closet FULL of shoes I made it a point to just buy things that I could pair them with lol… if not I would have grabbed some more. You can get started on your new Spring fashion wardrobe at a Burlington store near you.

Honorary Mentions From Burlington

Burlington Burlington

Here’s a quick video to sum up my Burlington finds haul!

Before I sign off on this post, I also wanted to share a great campaign that Burlington is doing to help fight heart disease with WomenHeart. You can get involved in the fight by donating $1 or more at checkout, or purchasing a red dress.  For every red dress purchased from now until 3/31, Burlington will donate $1 up to $25,000 to WomenHeart, to educate and support women living with heart disease.

Burlington Red Dress

What Are Your Favorite Trends This Spring?

Burlington Stores sponsored this blog post.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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