Why Taking an MBA Will Improve Your Career

Is your morning alarm always followed by a groan of despair as you remember it is a weekday and you have to go to work?   Do you feel that work days have turned into the worst form of Groundhog Day imaginable?  Or maybe you like your job but you feel that you would enjoy it even more if you were able to step it up a little and introduce a new dynamic.  As the saying often goes, the only person in control of your career is you so maybe it is time to take back some of that control and seize the day.  The most successful people in the business world probably didn’t get there by sitting around waiting for the next opportunity to arise.  It is much more likely that they were proactive, set themselves achievable goals and continuously strived to better themselves.  This is exactly what you can do too!

Why Taking an MBA Will Improve Your Career

Learn Something New

It is often said that success lies outside of our comfort zone.  A key way to stretch your area of expertise, especially if you work within the business sector, is by doing a master of business administration course.  This program will give you the opportunity to constantly challenge and push yourself in order to continuously improve and has been shown to boost employees’ chances of advancing into or obtaining a high level management position.

It is estimated that 70% of the MBA graduates worldwide are board directors or senior managers.  A master of business administration is a valuable asset in any type of business and as well as the general MBA you can often also specialize in multiple disciplines such as accounting, human resources or international business.   There are a wide range of skills and business competencies to be learnt from an MBA with problem-solving one of the most important attributes; essential for making ethical and socially responsible business decisions.  This program will teach you sustainable business practices, how to apply the newest management techniques and give you a better overview of the business world as a whole.

It’s All About Your Network

Every business and every business person, no matter what rung of the ladder they are positioned on, knows the importance of networking.  As a master of business administration student you will have great access to business networking opportunities literally at your fingertips.  As part of the program you will have the chance to build a strong network with your peers and sometimes MBA faculty members serve as mentors for students on an individual basis.  As well as the current students studying alongside you, you will also have access to an extensive alumni network of MBA graduates who are often leaders in every field of business and management; offering you the advantage of a huge network of contacts and support.

If you are doing an MBA on a part-time basis within your company it could be highly possible to come into contact with other employers through internships so make sure you are always aware of the people around you and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

Why Taking an MBA Will Improve Your Career

Varied Career Options

There is an excellent array of career options for master of business administration graduates, sometimes dependent on which specialization you followed during the course.  Within the finance sector there are varied roles such as real estate planner, insurance advisor or credit manager.  One of the most sought after career options for an MBA finance graduate is in investment banking due to the extremely high salaries that can be achieved.

You can expect to earn nearly twice as much as you would with a regular university degree within this sector.  However it is not just finance that holds the key to success; there are career opportunities for MBA graduates within the healthcare industry, construction and international business and great prospects for advancing in your current area of expertise.  The main benefit of your MBA qualification is that it will help you enhance your organizational effectiveness and refine your professional skills giving you the maximum advantage in improving your career and taking your expertise to the next level.

If you feel that your career needs a kick-start and you’re ready to put everything you’ve got into improving yourself then an MBA is definitely going to boost your chances of achieving this goal.  A master of business administration can present exciting and challenging opportunities and set you on the path to a successful and fruitful career.

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