6 Types of Exotic Inlays For Men’s Wedding bands

It is often said that you should be the best version of yourself and the best way for you to show this is by dressing in what you like, however unique. Sometimes, the market doesn’t address your exact needs and if you are planning for your wedding, you will find that finding a unique wedding band, especially for a man is tough.

6 Types of Exotic Inlays For Men’s Wedding bands

Various designers have gone out of the way to create unique wedding bands that help you celebrate your big day better. Rather than having all men wear plain, hammered or patterned wedding bands, they have added something else to the mix, exotic inlays.

Are you intrigued enough to want to read about and wear a wedding band with an exotic inlay? Well, you are in luck because you will read all about the unique exotic inlays here:


Antler inlays

The antlers are natural extensions from the skulls of deer family. They have been shown to make up the best exotic inlays in an earthy color and therefore suitable for men looking for a unique touch to their wedding bands.

The exotic antler material is added to tungsten, platinum or titanium metal wedding bands giving off a unique feature that makes these wedding bands highly regarded.

Besides the metal part, the wedding bands can also have wood. Most wood men’s wedding bands that are highly priced and among the most prestigious sets have the exotic antler inlays in them making them very attractive, and the wearers admired. You will also note that the exotic inlays are handmade and inlaid with precision.


Dinosaur bone

Dinosaurs are known as some of the oldest animals to have ever walked on earth. This therefore means that for you to have a wedding band with a dinosaur bone inlay, you will have to spend quite a fortune.

Do you think your budget will comfortably cover the costs? If yes, then, you should also note that these wedding bands with the dinosaur bone inlay are handmade and the designs intricately designed to give off an attractive finish.

Even though they aren’t dazzling, these wedding bands for men are made of metals like titanium, tungsten, cobaltium, or palladium, and in some other cases, they have an ebony sleeve or black ceramic. Wood men’s wedding bands are also made with the dinosaur bone inlays.


Black ceramic

The use of the black ceramic in men’s wedding bands has been on the rise lately because of the sophistication and the masculinity felt by the wearer of such a wedding band.

The beauty of using a black inlay in a wedding band is that it blends with all known colors and as a result, you can have a wedding band in red, green, brown, gold, etc. with the black ceramic inlay.

Some of the black ceramic inlays are used in wooded wedding bands while in other cases, you will find a high number of black ceramic wedding bands with wooden inlays. Other black ceramic exotic inlaid wedding bands have an inclusion of the classy and even more exotic antlers.


Wood inlays

A contemporary style is achieved in wedding bands with wooden inlays. The wood inlays are used for wedding bands made of metals like titanium or palladium.  Black ceramic has also been seen to have an increase in the number of wood inlays incorporated into their skeleton resulting in unique designs of wood men’s wedding bands.

Some of the most common and the exotic types of wood inlays used include the blackwood, the mango wood, dark KOA, Milo wood, mahogany, black ebony, Hawaiian KOA, purple heart, blood wood, Mac nut, cocobolo and Robusta, Tulip wood, elder, Amboina burl wood, buckeye, iron wood etc.

These wooden inlays have different colors resulting in unique and classy designs for the wedding bands. If you consider these wedding bands with wood inlays classy and comfortable for your lifestyle, then you should talk to the designers to have it created. Fortunately, the wedding band design can also be custom made for your fiancée if she adores the exotic touch.


Meteorite inlays

If your Geography teacher taught you right, then you know what meteorites are, their rarity, and their high value. The Gibeon, for instance, is a meteorite known to have fallen in the prehistoric times. This meteorite has a significant amount of iron-nickel alloys with lots of phosphorus and cobalt.

The meteorites have a crystalline structure comprising of the Wismanstatten pattern and the octahedrite pattern. These patterns make the meteorites great for jewelry and are highly appreciated by jewelers. Having a customized wedding band with meteorite inlays will make your wedding band the most beautiful ring ever and literally out of this world.

The meteorite inlays are placed on metals like titanium, gold, tungsten, and in some cases, a gold inlay can be added besides the meteorite. Because of the meteorite out-of-this-world nature, wedding bands with the inlays are valued at very high prices and they are more expensive than the finest gold wedding bands.

The inlay is also added to wood wedding bands, making the bands even more expensive because of the combination of two exotic materials.


M3 Stealth inlays

This is another unique exotic inlay found in metallic and wood men’s wedding bands. M3 results from a Macro Molecular Metal that is unique with a gem like finish. This inlay has a unique Mogume Gane-like pattern that gives the wedding bands anheirloom character with an aesthetically beautiful mirror finish.

The M3 stealth inlay is used on titanium, cobaltium, gold, or tungsten resulting in intricate designs of highly valuable wedding bands for men.

In conclusion, exotic inlays not only add glam to wedding bands, but they also add value to a wedding band meaning that you will have to set a high budget towards the wedding band with an exotic inlay. Whether you pick the antler, the dinosaur bone, black ceramic, wood, M3 stealth, or the meteorite, you will have a very valuable piece of jewelry with you.

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Jacob Stone is a wedding band jeweler renowned worldwide for his high-value wedding band designs. His wood men’s wedding bands are highly priced and their quality is guaranteed. Check out his company website to learn more from him.

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