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9 Types of Delicious Ukrainian cuisine

Naturally Ukrainians love to eat. The Ukrainian kitchen is the heart of a Ukrainian home and of course is well known to turn out its fair share of amazing food.

9 Types of Delicious Ukrainian cuisine

Lviv Ukraine

Bread and Salt

For Ukrainians bread was always a symbol of well-being and prosperity, it was considered as a gift of God. Bread and salt (put on an embroidered hand towel) always could be found in every peasant’s hut. Even invitation to start a feast sounded like, ‘Welcome to our bread and salt’; after haven eaten, guests had to thank for the ‘bread and salt’.

Salo with Garlic

Salo is a traditional Ukrainian snack. It is pure, raw fat from the back of a pig. It may not sound all that appetizing, that is until you try it. Cured in salt or smoked, on a piece of dark bread, and with a thin slice of garlic it is a great starter. Some people will add onion and mustard as well. Historically, salo was an important part of the Ukrainian diet because of its high energy content. Salo is a must item to try for anyone visiting Ukraine.

Varenyky (dumplings or pyrigy) 

Many of us are familiar with the Polish food Pierogi, but here in Ukraine we have Varenyky which is basically the same. Small dumplings traditionally stuffed with sauerkraut or mashed potatoes and topped with sour cream and/or fried onions. Traditional sweet varenyky are stuffed with sour cherries. You can however now find varenyky stuffed with different fillings as well.


Ukrainian borshch is a type of soup usually prepared with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, parsley, and lots of beets, the beets are what gives borscht its distinct dark red color.

Borshch is probably the most recognized Ukrainian dish. The mention of this dish dates back to Cossack times (XV-XVI centuries).The legend says that the first-ever borshch was cooked during the two-month siege of the Cossacks fortress, occupied by Turkish army.

In order to feed four hundred people Cossacks collected everything edible around (vegetables) and added it to meat broth. The course was nourishing and tasty enough to become popular and permanent in Cossacks and then Ukrainian and European rations. There are more than 300 types of borschch, and no two cookers make it out of the same ingredients, so it will end up tasting different. Of course each cooker makes the Best’ borshch.

Potato pancakes also known as Deruny

Potato pancakes, are a popular dish here in Ukraine. They are prepared from finely-shredded raw potatoes mixed with eggs and flour. They are then fried in a well-oiled griddle until golden brown. Add sour cream on top and you have a delicious addition to any meal.

Cheese crepes, known as Nalysnyky

Ukrainian crepes are a delicate, wonderful food here in Ukraine. You’ll find the most popular filling is soft cheese but you may also find meat and mushrooms or berries to make it a dessert crepe. Of course you’ll find them topped with sour cream as well.

Pork and buckwheat

Meat from a suckling pig was a rare treat for Ukrainians since it was expensive. This dish is prepared today only for the biggest feasts, like weddings. The suckling pig, no bigger than four pounds, is fully roasted then stuffed with buckwheat and onions.

Stuffed Cabbage called Holubtsi 

These are cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a variety of fillings but normally stuffed with meat. It is very popular food for big families.


It is Ukrainian sausage stuffed with a mixture of beef and pork. Usually the hostess cooks it on some big fests like Christmas and Easter.

Well we could go into more details about Ukrainian cuisine but it’s time to go get something to eat. Try some delicious Ukrainian food you’ll be very happy.

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