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Modern Home Makeover: How to Create the Perfect Abode

Most people who buy a home eventually want to do some renovations to it to create the perfect, modern-looking abode. It’s easy to go crazy and spend $10,000 or more on a renovation project, but there are a lot of small, inexpensive projects you can do that will give your home a whole new look without you having to spend a whole lot of money.

Modern Home Makeover: How to Create the Perfect Abode

Change Your Fixtures

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make over your home that provides the most impact is to switch out fixtures. Changing your light fixtures can make a big difference in any room and shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars at most. Changing plumbing fixtures is a bit more expensive and requires more work, but it also can make a dramatic difference.

Change Out Your Doors

Another high-impact, low-cost change you can make to your home is to change out the doors. Professionals, like those at Facelift For Homes, know that replacing your entry door is one of the best improvements you can make in terms of added value VS cost. You usually can get a new front door installed for less than $1,000. Replacing interior doors can be a good improvement to make as well, especially if your doors are outdated. An interior door usually can be replaced for about $200 or less.

Minor Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the most important rooms in a home, both for resident enjoyment and resale value. Doing a minor remodel can boost both. You might swap out your kitchen appliances or replace your vanity in your bathroom. There are plenty of options that can create a large change in your home for just a few thousand dollars.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

When thinking about home improvements, most people concentrate on the inside of their home, but there is plenty you can do to the outside that is worth the money. Adding features such as a retaining wall can improve your home’s curb appeal while also improving drainage. Landscaping improvements tend to be among the most cost-effective when it comes to creating resale value vs. what you spend on them.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve your home, with a range of costs. These are some improvements that will help to modernize your home while also increasing both your enjoyment of it and its resale value. Plus, many of these are things you can do yourself.

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