Sunny Beauty: 6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Break out the shorts and the tank tops as you begin to change over your wardrobe from the fall season to the summer season. It’s not just about choosing clothing that is comfortable to wear or that is cooler while you’re outside in the heat. Selecting the perfect summer wardrobe can be a challenge if you aren’t sure of what to add to the closet as trends change each year.

Sunny Beauty: 6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Lighter Materials

When you begin looking for summer clothing, lighter fabrics are the best choice. Linen and cotton are materials that are breathable. Your body will thank you when you’re sweltering outside in the heat, even if you’re just sitting on the porch. The summer fabrics are also a bit easier to wash and maintain.

Basic Shorts

You want to have a few pairs of basic shorts that are comfortable to wear inside or outside. These could also be worn while running errands or playing outside with the kids. Denim shorts in a light and a dark color will match any kind of shirt that you have. A good pair of khaki shorts is also an option that you want to have.

Dress Clothes

Even if you don’t go to church or go anywhere else that would require dressing up, you want to have a few summer dresses in your closet. Men could have a few pairs of trousers that are made with a lighter material, such as khaki pants or a button-up shirt. Sundresses are ideal for the closet as they can be worn with sandals or a flat shoe. Two-piece dresses offer more variations when it comes to making outfits.

Comfortable Tops

You want to be comfortable while wearing your shirts. Companies online, like Simple Addiction, have a variety of tops that include tanks, cropped tops and those that have a design cut out on the back. Lighter or brighter colors are ideal for the summer when it comes to choosing the tops in your closet.

Going Swimming

An essential for the summer wardrobe is the bathing suit. Choose one that flatters your figure. Try on each suit that you like before taking it home so that you see how it looks. You want to make sure that you find a bathing suit that fits you well and makes you feel like a summer dream!

Add The Accessories

After you have the clothing, don’t forget to stock up on the accessories for summer. Brighter colors and items that dangle instead of those that hug the body are ideal for summer. Ankle bracelets are popular during the season along with a variety of sunglasses and hair bows.

Your summer wardrobe is crying out for an update after the winter season. When you go shopping, look for clothing that is light in color and that is comfortable to wear. Make sure you try everything on as summer clothing tends to show off a bit more of the body than what you had in the winter.

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