How to Perform Simple Body Fixes on Your Sedan or Sports Car

Little dents, scratches and chips on the body of your car can be distracting and annoying. Over time, these little problems could become bigger because of rust and moisture intrusion. Taking the time now to perform these four simple body fixes on your car will save money later.

How to Perform Simple Body Fixes on Your Sedan or Sports Car

Pull out Minor Dents

Pulling out a minor dent is easy to do in about an hour of your time. To get a minor dent out of the body of your sedan or sports car, you will need some basic supplies. These supplies include dry ice, thick gloves to handle the dry ice, a hair dryer and aluminum foil. To pull the dents out of your car, first hold the dry ice over the dent to get it cold. This takes about ten minutes. Cover the cold area with aluminum foil. Hold a hair dryer about six inches away from the dent. Put the hair dryer on the high setting and aim the stream of hot air at the dent. You should hear a popping sound as the dent is pulled out. This works on minor dents that do not have any damage to the paint or finish.

Understand the Importance of Auto Body Repair

Over time, a dent or chip in the body of your sedan or sports car could lead to bigger issues. For example, a dent with chipped paint could allow rust to set in and spread through your car’s body. Once your sedan or sports car begins to rust, it is only a matter of time before you will need costly repairs and replacement of key parts, such as the doors. By making simple and small auto body repairs as the need arises, you might be able to prevent bigger problems from happening in the future. If you do not have the time or patience to try your own auto body repair in Utah County, or other areas, find a trusted and affordable mechanic to take care of them for you.

Fix Scratches

Fixing a scratch in the paint is another simple body fix that you can probably do on your own. If the scratch is deep, you might be able to see a different color on your car’s body. This is the primer. To repair a deep scratch, you will need to apply a new layer or two of primer, allowing it to dry between coats. You can find a match to your vehicle’s paint by referring to your owner’s manual for the paint code. The paint code might also be written on the vehicle information sticker that is on the door sill or under the engine’s hood. Apply two coats of paint to the scratch. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the paint and how long to allow it to dry between coats.

Fill in a Chip in the Windshield

It is a common problem to be driving along on the highway and have your windshield get hit and chipped by a flying stone. A small chip in the windshield should be repaired right away, before it gets the chance to become a large crack across the entire piece of glass. Purchase a chip-filling kit. Follow the directions on the kit. The filing process should be done in an area that has good ventilation, preferably outdoors on a warm, dry day.

Each of these simple body fixes for your sedan or sports car only takes about an hour of your time. The materials required to make these repairs are inexpensive. After making these small auto body fixes on your vehicle, you will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself and owning a car that looks great.

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