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4 Real Reasons Why you Should Move to the Beach

Does the thought of a beach lifestyle excite you? Living near the ocean is a fantastic experience that everyone wishes they could achieve at some point in their lives. Many people work their entire lives away to be able to afford to spend their retirement years at the seaside.

What is it about the beach that has that primal attraction to it? Waiting your entire life to finally end up on a piece of beachfront real estate is futile. What will you do if you have worked your whole life in a city and now you are long in years, short on time, and your health is so poor that you cannot fully enjoy it?

4 Real Reasons Why you Should Move to the Beach

The health benefits and positive impact on your mind from living at the beach are well worth the move to the seaside. If you have been thinking of moving to a coastal region, here are six reasons why you should take a leap of faith and make the move if you can before it is too late.

#1 Create an Active Lifestyle

The ocean lifestyle has so many activities on offer for anyone willing to get in the water. There are many different watersports to choose from, surfing, diving, fishing from the kayak. All you need to do is select one that you feel will suit your personality, fitness level, and lifestyle.
Life on land at the beach is just as good. A sunrise walk on the sand followed by a lunch at the Water Club in Palm Beach is a great way to start off your day. Finish things off with a hike on a coastal nature trail and soak in the sunset from your balcony with a refreshing cocktail.

#2 Your Environment is Everything

Have you heard the phrase, ‘You are what your eat’? The same can be said for your living environment. If you live in a city where the nearest ocean in hundreds of miles away, you can expect a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle that drives your stress levels to the stratosphere. It is common sense to avoid stress wherever you can, however, being trapped in a city, embedded in the rat race is enough to make the most controlled mind go a little crazy.

Conversely, those people that live at the beach do not experience this same hustle and bustle of landlocked city life. Coastal dwellers seem to have less stress and experience a better quality of life than their city-dwelling counterparts. The healing power of the ocean does miracles for all those that embrace it.

4 Real Reasons Why you Should Move to the Beach

#3 Swimming in the Sea & Breathing the Salt Air

Why swim in a pool when you can swim in the open ocean? Getting a daily dose of salt water and fresh sea air will do wonders for your health. The ocean has a mystical healing power that science can’t quite explain. There is something about the constant flow and ebb of the tides that gives the living ocean its own personality.

Breathing in the fresh, salty air can also have a miraculous effect on those living with respiratory diseases and disorders such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. Our lungs collect toxins and particles from the air as we breathe.

In heavily polluted environments such as major cities, you can expect that your physical well-being will be severely impacted by this toxic effect. However, living at the ocean clears your lungs and cleans out your bloodstream of toxins and damaging particles.

The beach life has a wide variety of activities to take up. From simply swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, to taking a kayak out fishing, or waxing up a board for a surf session, there is always something to do in or out of the water. It’s no surprise that people living at the coast lead and active, healthy lifestyle.

4 Real Reasons Why you Should Move to the Beach

#4 Find Yourself

The sunset over the ocean is absolutely beautiful. During these tranquil, special moments with yourself, you will have plenty of time to think. Use it to your advantage and reflect on your life while planning the future. The clean, salty air will clear your thoughts and open your mind to a world of possibilities in the future to come.


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