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7 Wedding Favors Inspirations

Wedding favors are an important part of every wedding ceremony. They’re a great way to say “Thank you!” and to help your guests commemorate the event for years to come. Wedding party favors are the bride and groom’s chance to get creative and to give from the heart. If you need a little inspiration for your premade wedding favors, this list is for you!

7 Wedding Favors Inspirations

Potted Succulents As Simple Wedding Favors

If you need a little inspiration, start with small plants. There’s something poetic about planting a seed and watching it grow. Low maintenance greenery is a welcome addition to any household decor, and will serve as a reminder of your romantic day every time someone walks by.

7 Wedding Favors Inspirations

Honey, Jam Or Jelly – Sweet Wedding Favors

Provide your guests with some take home sweets. You can have a lot of fun choosing the blends of ingredients. Consider a mix of berries and fruits, and don’t be afraid think outside of the box ingredients like lychee and wine. The complete package means choosing between all sorts of jar and lid shapes. This combination of sizes, colors, and contours can have a dramatic impact the to overall look. Play around with a few label ideas making sure to include your union details.

   7 Wedding Favors Inspirations

Tasty Wedding Favors – Macaroons

Homemade goodies are always a crowd pleaser. These tasty treats can be displayed in a beautiful variety of stacked arrangements. Your choice of (any!) color, filling, packaging, and personal message will be the perfect take away for your friends and family. Don’t take this task lightly. This recipe takes a lot of attention to detail and can’t be rushed!

Fortune Cookies Are Funny Idea For Wedding Favors

Your guests have the future and love on their mind all throughout your special day, so why not give them a fortune cookie?! An optimistic personalized message printed with your wedding day details are an adorable way to say thank you to your guests. This creative way to appreciate will be unexpected and leave them with a smile.

Signature Soda Pop

Etched wine bottles and bottle stoppers are a classy gesture of appreciation. Couples who want a more family friendly approach can borrow the spirit of the custom wine label and give your guests personalized soda bottles. You’ll enjoy the process of choosing the flavor and message. The whole family will appreciate this whimsical way to say thank you.

Recipe Card Wedding Favors

Your favorite recipe is personal and delicious. This gift requires thought, time, and effort, but totally worth it! If you’re having trouble thinking of which dish to share think back to your first date, the dish that you make each other when you’re sick, or something your grandma may have passed down. Engaging your family in the tradition of passing along secret family recipes will make you all closer and is a gift that they can continue loving for years to come.

7 Wedding Favors Inspirations

Creative Mini Artwork

Your guests want something clever and romantic, you want something that’s easy, affordable, and unforgettable! Many couples are choosing the DIY route, but that doesn’t have to mean cheap. Hand-crafted commemorations require a lot of inspiration, time, and effort. This is a growing trend for a good reason. Small paintings, sculptures, and other crafts are a heartfelt gift that guests truly appreciate.

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