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3 Reasons No One Knows Your Business Exists

 3 Reasons No One Knows Your Business Exists

Normally, we’re told to shy away from being the centre of attention. There’s no need to try and be noticed by everyone, it’s not a good look. In a business sense, the exact opposite is true. If anything, you should be desperately crying out for attention to get consumers to notice your company.

At the end of the day, if no one notices your business, where will the customers come from? If you’re currently struggling for exposure, it might be down to one of these reasons:

Your Website Always Appears Below The First Page Of Search Results

The main way people notice companies is by seeing them in search results. If I were to search for a new camera, I’d see a list of companies that sell cameras. For your business to gain visibility, you need to appear on the first page of results for keywords relating to your company and what you do. If you’re not on that first page, it’s probably why no one knows who you are. It’s a fact that 70% of users don’t bother going past the first page of results. To solve this problem, you need to look for some affordable SEO services to improve your search ranking. Get as high on that first page as possible and more people will find you, meaning more consumers will notice you exist.

You’ve Got No Social Media Presence

If search engines are the best way to gain exposure, social media is a close second. Hardly anyone will know who you are if you haven’t got a social media presence. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are quickly joining the likes of Facebook and Twitter as places for consumers to find businesses and interact with them. If you’re not on any of these platforms, then you’re putting your company at a serious disadvantage. I strongly suggest you work on building a social media presence if you want people to take notice of you.

You Produce No Adverts

Adverts are an extremely effective way of ensuring lots of people see or hear about your business. They get the word out there and put your name on people’s lips. Whether it’s radio, TV, print, or online adverts, they’re all effective. Personally, I will say that online ads are perhaps the most effective out of the bunch. They can spread the word about your company all over the internet and ensure more people know about you. Plus, they’re much better at targeting the right audience and appearing to those that matter to your company. So, not only will more people know you exist, more of your target market will as well.

If you’re reading this list and nodding your head at each reason, then you’ve got a problem. No one will know your company is even operational if you don’t work on SEO, a social media presence, and producing adverts. These are the best ways of getting your business out there and into the realm of consumers. When you’ve got good visibility, it has a knock on effect that leads to more success.


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