How to Embroider Unique Designs onto Your Favorite Pieces of Clothing

It is well known that how you dress reflects your personality. For people who want to always stand out and look great at the same time, one option that is becoming more popular is turning to embroidery designs on pieces of clothing. This can not only add pops of color to items of clothing, but if you have a favorite piece that is running a bit ragged, an embroidery design can help hide those flaws. We will take a look at how to embroider designs into your clothing.

How to Embroider Unique Designs onto Your Favorite Pieces of Clothing

Prepare the Items

The first thing you have to do to get ready to embroider a piece of clothing is to prepare the item, which will function as a canvas. Some companies, like, know that it can be a good idea to wash the clothes and allow them to dry fully before beginning. Once that is done, you can trace the design you want onto the fabric. There are water soluble markers and fabric chalks that can make drawing on the clothes simple, so be sure to stock up on these.

Choose How to Embroider

If you have an embroidery machine, you will probably want to use that to embroider on your clothes because they can provide the kind of results that will last. Not everyone has these machines though, which will mean you will have to embroider by hand. If this is the case, you will need to have embroidery floss that is strong, and a good set of needles. You can splurge on embroidery needles, but any you buy at the supermarket will also do well. Once you have decided on the kind of stitches you want to use, depending on the design, you can begin.

Finishing the Project

Finishing the project correctly is just as important as the rest of the process. You want to snip any ends of thread that are hanging out, and you want to also block the design. You can do this by wetting the embroidery with a bit of cold water and then pressing it with an iron. This will ensure that the design remains looking great.

A bit of embroidery on your favorite clothes will add just the kind of look that you want. Take the time to buy the right supplies and to choose the design carefully. There are all kinds of embroidery stitches available, too, so knowing what to use depending on fabric and color choices, can make all the difference.

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