4 Hacks to Break the Bonds of a Full Sink

It’s not farfetched to say that almost everyone dislikes the task of washing dishes. But since almost everyone likes eating from clean dishes, the task must be done. With a few simple tricks, you don’t have to feel like a slave to the dirty dishes.

4 Hacks to Break the Bonds of a Full Sink
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Clean up As You Work

Cleaning as you go is one of the best ways to keep things orderly. For example, when making a batch of muffins, wash the mixing bowl and measuring utensils right after you put the muffins into the oven. Breaking up the task into smaller chunks can make it seem easier, and you get to enjoy your food in peace while knowing the dirty dishes are not just waiting for you in the sink.

Eat Out

The easiest way to not have any dirty dishes sitting around is to not make any in the first place. Don’t feel at all guilty if some nights you just decide to eat out. Look for a restaurant like Tony Roma’s that has something to please everyone in the family without you having to destroy your kitchen. Enjoy time with family or friends and let the restaurant worry about the dishes.

Empty the Sink Before Bed Each Night

Even though this one takes some discipline, the reward of waking up to a clean kitchen is worth it. Establish a routine of doing the supper dishes right after the meal is finished; not only will this help avoid a pile-up dishes the next morning, but you also spare yourself from the aroma of last night’s fish mixed with your morning coffee.

Get Everyone Involved

Just as everyone contributes to making dirty dishes, everyone can help with their clean-up. Work with the members of your household to figure out a system that works for everyone: one person takes a certain day of the week, someone is the washer while another is the drier, etc.

Another idea is to designate a certain color of water cup for each person to use for a whole day rather than a new one each time they get a drink, or write each person’s name on a cup.

The dirty dishes can seem overwhelming, especially once you get behind and they are piling up. Making and carrying out a plan to manage the task before it becomes too big is well worth the time and effort: you will have reduced stress levels, a cleaner house and being the master rather than the slave of your home.

4 Hacks to Break the Bonds of a Full Sink
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