Proven Ways to Get Your Mind into an Entrepreneurial Mode


Proven Ways to Get Your Mind into an Entrepreneurial Mode

Lately, you have been reading quite a few articles about famous entrepreneurs, and you definitely like what you are learning about what helped each one tick. From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk and many others, you appreciate their can-do attitudes and their innovative way of thinking, among many other things.

While you would love to put yourself into the entrepreneur category, you realize that you have a way to go to get there. Fortunately, becoming more entrepreneurial in your thoughts is truly a learned activity that will become easier with more practice. With that in mind, check out these proven methods for becoming an entrepreneur:

Jump into the Proverbial Freelance Pool

One of the best ways to boost your inner entrepreneur is to start working as a freelancer in some capacity. In many cases, you can definitely start flexing those entrepreneurial muscles without having to leave your day job — at least, not yet — and without having to invest a lot of capital. For example, Amway is an outstanding and reliable platform for budding entrepreneurs who are, as the company’s YouTube channel states, looking for a “cure for the common cubicle.” You can sign up to become a direct seller with a very small investment, and give being your own boss, setting your own hours and direct selling a try.

There are also a number of other direct sales companies that will provide a similar experience; the key is to find opportunities that do not involve shelling out a lot of money to buy products. Real Ways to Earn Money Online lists other companies like PartyLite Candles, Avon and Simply Fun that will allow you to jump into the freelance pool with either no or minimal upfront costs.

Start Brainstorming Ideas

Entrepreneurs are famous for cranking out amazing ideas that can shake up numerous industries; for example, Sir Richard Branson helped Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic to be successful music and aviation industries. Start flexing your entrepreneurial mind muscles by jotting down 10 clever ideas a day. In a year’s time, you will have over 3,500 ideas — some of which may be worth pursuing as a small business. Don’t tell yourself that your ideas are silly and/or not worth writing down. Everything that comes to mind, whether it’s a better way to store cereal to a cool concept for an educational app, can make it onto your idea list.

Never Stop Learning

While typical employees use a regular set of skills on a daily basis, an entrepreneur is always looking for opportunities to learn new things. As Go Job Hero suggests, channel your inner entrepreneur by either going above and beyond what is expected of you at work and then learn something new. For example, if you are working in the customer service department, create a sales and marketing plan for the product your company offers. Or download a new app on your phone to organize your work and home life schedule, or take on a project that you might normally ask a co-worker with more experience to do. The constant quest to challenge yourself and learn new things will definitely put you in an entrepreneurial frame of mind, while also helping you to succeed at work.

Ignore the Negative Nellies

Along the way, you might find that some co-workers, friends and family members pooh-pooh your idea to be an entrepreneur. While it might hurt to not get enthusiastic support from the important people in your life, this is another great way to flex your entrepreneurial way of thinking. Successful business people do not let other people’s negative thoughts influence them, and they don’t waste time worrying about what others think. Dig deep down, remember that you are now an entrepreneur and forge ahead with your great ideas and goals for success — you can definitely do it.

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