What are the Different Advantages of Wood Pallet Recycling?

Wooden pallets, similar to any other packaging solution, come with a specific lifespan. However, once these lose their functionality, there is no need to just dispose the pallets off. These can be recycled pretty easily.  Many warehouse and packaging businesses opt for recycling rather than disposing of wooded pallets to waste grounds. Wood pallet recycling includes revamping, dismantling, re-furbishing and sorting of worn-out, damaged pallets. Even people also buy used wooden pallets for their packaging because they are sturdy and eco-friendly. You can recycle or sell your used wooden pallets and save your packaging cost.

What are the Different Advantages of Wood Pallet Recycling?

What are the advantages of recycling wooden pallets? 

  • Cleaner ecosystem: Recycling of wood pallets helps in contributing to a cleaner ecosystem and reducing deforestation levels. With less need to fell trees, there is lowered soil erosion – that helps save the environment. With the process of recycling, wood is diverted from landfill. The longevity of pallets is increased, and you can recycle the wooden pallets to save the environment.
  • Reducing warehouse management costs: Recycling of pallets helps save costs included in Warehouse Management Systems. These can also decrease the entire waste disposal costs of businesses. Salvaging and re-using sections of wooden pallets can help cut ancillary expenses of businesses, such as in buying furniture items etc. when you sell the wooden pallets for recycling, you will get a decent amount and you can add this amount to your packaging cost. Through this way, you can reduce your packaging as well as transportation cost.
  • More safety at the premises: Worn-down or damaged pallets can seriously jeopardize safety at business premises. Old pallet recycling can lead serious injuries and accidents, and keep your area clutter-free and safe. Older wooden pallets with sharp edges or rotting due to infestation of insects can be very harmful for workers, and need to be recycled at the earliest. You can sell them off and clean your warehouse.
  • For mulching purposes: Recycled wood or timber can be used to prepare non-composted mulch that can be used in municipal parks, highways, gardens and plantations. These can serve as a protective covering and reduce the risks of soil erosion and evaporation.
  • Additional strength: Few people actually know that recycled wood pallets are more resistant and stronger when compared to newly created pallets. The wood, at the time of pallet recycling, is repaired and seasoned in order to offer additional strength. A few studies have actually found that recycled pallets, on an average, have 13% more strength than new wood pallets that are frequently constructed of ‘wet’ wood, and are more vulnerable to cracking and warping.

Multiple benefits of wooden pallets

You can also reuse wooded planks as a surfacing material for golf course, park and garden pathways. It is possible to revamp wooden pallets into planks to be used as walls or floors in the construction industry. Softer varieties of wood can also be reused and recycled for creating frames, swings, slides and see-saw. Now people can also design some small furniture with the used wooden pallets and they can use the pallets in many forms.

What are the Different Advantages of Wood Pallet Recycling?

Old timber and pallets are also utilized for the production of bio energy of renewable variety. Recycling of pallets in this way can minimize greenhouse emissions and fuel usage. Sadly, just 3% of 700 million pallets used across the globe are recycled every year in actuality.

Running a business with profits from all corners is the main aim of any owner. Purchasing new pallets and then simply disposing them after they lose their functionality seems to be a waste of your money. If you are unable to handle the recycling alone, you can hand over the pallets to buyers that work with recycling agencies or units.

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