How Secure is Your Home Security System?

How Secure is Your Home Security System?

Statistics on national home security reveal that just over 1.5 million homes are burglarized on an annual basis. These statistics also show that just about 30 percent of all burglaries happen due to either an open door or an unlocked window. If you want to make sure your home security is up to standard, you need to make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to any potential security breaches. Here are the most important things to keep an eye on to make sure your home is as secure as possible.

Optimize Door Locks

The security of your door and therefore home begins and ends with the quality of your locks. If you only have a basic lock on your front and back doors, your home is at risk. Generally speaking, you’re best-served by a heavy-duty deadbolt combined with a throw bolt that measures at least one inch in length. You can increase the dependability of the door even more by implementing a strike plate with a frame fastened by three-inch screws, which minimizes the potential of any would-be burglar to kick through it. By increasing the security of your doors alone, you decrease the chances of burglars getting inside.

Secure the Windows

Right after doors on the list of potential security breaches are the windows. When it comes to window security, go for a variation that has a secondary, positive locking device besides just the latch. This doesn’t mean you have to jump straight to bars on your windows, making your home look like a prison (not to mention making it a lot harder to get out in the case of a fire or other emergency). Closed windows that are protected by frame pins and dowels are far less inviting than open windows that are only protected by a screen.

Routinely Check the Home Security System

Of all the factors that play into a home being at risk of burglary, one of the most important things to account for is the ever-present risk of human error. Even with all the right technological solutions in place to protect the home, assuming all are operational, none of that will matter if the homeowner isn’t diligent enough about staying on top of things.

If you want to make sure that your home is secure as possible, routinely check different parts of the system every day or week, to make sure everything is working properly. Installing a remote control will help you do this, since it can tell you where any potential weak points are in your system. Your security system is stronger with remote controls, and the faster you catch problems, the safer you’ll be.


The national statistics on burglary frequency show that burglaries occur about every 13 seconds. Despite that high frequency, most burglars aren’t going to attempt to burglarize a home that requires more than a moderate amount of effort to break into. By taking the preventative measures above on a regular basis, you can maximize your chance of avoiding victimization.

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