Impress Your Boss with These 6 Innovative Marketing Ideas

Marketing isn’t about reinventing the wheel. What has worked in the past has a tendency to work in the future. However, as with any other industry, there are always new avenues to explore, and new opportunities yet to be grasped. The good news is, with a little application and some creative thinking, you can conjure new marketing concepts that’ll wow your boss at your next meeting. Here are six ideas to help you get started:

Impress Your Boss with These 6 Innovative Marketing Ideas

Follow the Money

Like any other business, marketing is about making money. Saving money for your clients, and making money for your company. So keep an eye out for the most successful marketing campaigns at your company. Note what they do well and try to emulate them.

Think Social

At one point not too long ago, hardly any businesses were on Facebook, and the idea of marketing yourself on Twitter or Instagram was considered frivolous if not downright silly. But now almost every business advertises on some social media site. Look for the next big opportunity to break new ground on what might be considered a “fringe” site. It may just score you that promotion you’ve been angling for.

Do Your Homework

The key to implementing a quality marketing strategy is to know more than your competitors. Easy, right? It may not be the sexiest work, but going back and reviewing pertinent information and learning about new skills will give you the edge when you need to produce something special. And remember, you can always enlist a company like Communications for Research to help you with your market research. The information you glean today just might prove the difference down the line.

Watch the Horizon

No need to literally stare at the sun, but rather monitor the frontier of the internet for new and exciting ways to market yourself. Furthermore, you may find a new metric that allows you to understand where your company could be improving. You’ll never find such websites or applications though, unless you’re prepared to explore.

Resurrect and Old Classic

Sometimes the best “new” idea is an old one. Given enough time and distance, a once-great idea may be ready to for another go-round. Remember though: you need to have a good reason for reusing an old idea. Don’t just recycle old material because you’re struggling to come up with your own.

Above All, Trust Yourself

The number of great ideas that are left unsaid outnumber the stars in the sky. If you believe your idea can make a difference –– speak up. The potential pay off just might be huge.

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