When Home Is No Longer Where The Heart Is

 When Home Is No Longer Where The Heart Is

Home sweet home! Words you have heard before, and words that we hope are relevant to you. Your home is your sanctuary, your break away from the world, and the place you return to when you need your privacy and solitude. Home is where the heart is.


Or is it?


For some people, their home is a big part of their daily stress. Spending an extra hour at work can be more preferable than returning to a place that has become something of a nightmare. Why? There could be any number of reasons, but one thing is certain. Home is no longer where the heart is.


So what about you? On what side of the love-hate relationship do you have with your home? Joy and happiness or worry and sorrow. If it’s the latter, it’s important to figure out why. There has to be a way to restore the positive feelings that your home is supposed to convey. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why the home can become difficult to live in, and will offer a few simple solutions to break the negative cycle.


Relationship issues

Unless you are living a single life, you are probably sharing your house with others. You may be in a relationship with somebody, have children, or have housemates. Problems can arise within any of these relationships, nerves can be strained, and difficulties can arise. The people you once loved or had friendships with can almost become your worst enemy, and the easiest solution is to keep your distance. Of course, that isn’t the answer. So what to do about it? The answer lies within communication. If there are breakdowns in any relationship, you need to talk about it. In a safe place, air your grievances calmly, and try to come up with a solution that suits everybody. Chances are, you have a buildup of anger over the small, petty things, so they can probably be resolved easier. On the other hand, there may be serious issues, such as a deterioration in your marriage, or issues around behavior with your children. In both cases, marriage or family counseling may be your best answer, helping you to restore those relationships that are valuable to you.


Bad (or happy) memories

Tied in with the above, you may have memories of relationships no longer present. Perhaps you were in a relationship which has ended, for tragic or forced reasons, and your children may have left home to spread their wings elsewhere. Every time you come into a room, you are hit by memories, whether good and bad, and it can cause you to suffer depression, loneliness, and emotional anxiety. For some people, the best solution is to move out of the house and start a new life elsewhere. Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially when money is an issue. In this case, perhaps a makeover of your house is in order. Giving it a fresh new look may erase some of those difficult memories, and walking into your house or specific rooms may no longer bring about the same levels of heartbreak. Still, if you are suffering, you should speak to your doctor, and perhaps have counseling to share how you are feeling.


Mini intruders

 When Home Is No Longer Where The Heart Is


No, we aren’t talking about tiny burglars, though you probably should get your home security in order, just in case. Rather, we are referring to common household pests, from mice to slugs, that cause you untold misery with the mess they leave behind. It’s amazing how something so small can cause a problem, but when you are constantly cleaning up droppings, removing slug slime, and are trying to maintain a clean and safe living environment, these miniature intruders can give you a real headache. Thankfully, there is plenty of information online to help you deal with the problem, with DIY methods of pest removal at your fingertips. Alternatively, you could bring in the experts. ABC Home & Commercial are just one of the many pest services you can find online, and they will get rid of everything, from bats in the belfry, to bugs in your bed. Of course, they won’t be able to get rid of those ‘other’ pests, such as next door’s kids climbing over your fence, or your cousins from across state who insist on extended vacations, so you may need to barricade your doors, as well as your home’s crevices.


Difficult neighbors

We can choose where we live, but we can’t choose our neighbors. Sadly, the people who do live either side of us – unless you live somewhere remote and your nearest neighbor is miles away – can make our lives a misery rather than a joy. From those pesky kids we mentioned making a mess of your garden, to barking dogs and loud music, our neighbors can stir up emotions in us that we never knew we had. Still, it’s important to withhold your anger, as you can make the situation worse. If possible, you should speak to your neighbors and politely reason with them. If that doesn’t work, you have every right to complain to your local council or police service if they are causing a massive disruption to your life. Alternatively, using a mediation service may also provide an answer to this tricky problem. Of course, you may be the problem neighbor yourself and they may just be retaliating to you, so keep your music level to a reasonable level, and confine your drum practice to a more sociable hour.


Final thoughts

We have covered some of the common reasons why our home can be a problem to us, but there may be other things that are causing you unhappiness. From money difficulties to maintenance issues, living in your home may no longer be the place it once was. Whatever the reason, you need to get on top of it. A repairman is only a phone call away, and financial advice is available to you from local debt organisations. Then there are the other solutions we offered above. Get the help you need, and return your home back to the happy place it used to be. Home sweet home? Make it so!

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