How To Keep Your Parents Safe

How To Keep Your Parents Safe

As we grow up and get older, certain dynamics tend to change. Now we’re an adult, we’re the ones that have to be responsible and more sensible. But not only that, we’re also the ones that start looking after our own parents as they may no longer be as able to do that themselves anymore. This can be a struggle because we like to see our parents as the strong ones – our role models. So seeing them when they’re vulnerable can really be heartbreaking, and yet, it’s just life – it happens. So the sooner you accept that, the easier it will be for all of you.


You may start to notice that your parent is starting to forget simple things, or getting confused. Or maybe they’ve had an accident and they can’t get around like they used to, making driving or even walking very difficult. And in that case, they’ll need a little help. Even if that’s just doing their grocery shopping for them every week.


Here’s how to keep your parents safe.



Accidents and injuries are one of the most common ways that someone of an older age can hurt themselves. It takes one little slip or trip, and they can break a bone and need around the clock care after that. While you will never be able to prevent this from happening completely – you can definitely avoid it with simple things like ensuring your parents have the right aid around their house for fall prevention. A sturdy handrail along the stairs. A rail in the bathroom next to the toilet and bath or shower. Even a stair lift if walking up and down is beginning to put a strain on their bodies. So have a think about their usual daily routines and how you can make them easier.


Memory loss

If you can see that your parents are forgetting a lot more than just the odd thing here and there, this could be a sign of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The problem with this illness is that a lot of things can be affected. Forgetting simple things like whether the kettle is hot can cause a whole array of different dangers. So sometimes it’s best to get them around the clock care to make sure that they aren’t a risk to themselves. This may mean you decide to bring in a live-in nurse who will provide care and support, while helping with little things around the house like cleaning, cooking, and helping your parent bathe properly. Or you may prefer to move them into a residential home so you know that they’re in a place that’s full of the best medical and health professionals.


Now you can be a little more prepared when the time comes, because you’ve already begun to think about it, and that in itself will make things easier. Be vocal if you’re able to, there’s no reason you should try and do this in a secretive way. While you may be having to help your parents in more ways than one – they are still your parents.

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