4 Things Your Mother-in-Law Suite Needs to Keep Visiting Family Happy

4 Things Your Mother-in-Law Suite Needs to Keep Visiting Family Happy
It’s really convenient to have a mother-in-law suite so that you can entertain overnight guests. A mother-in-law suite works perfectly because it gives your guests a sense of privacy. It’s also nice because you won’t feel like your guests are living on top of you in a small space. In order to make sure the mother-in-law suite is suitable for your guests, there are a few areas you’ll want to consider.

Comfortable Furniture

If your guests don’t feel comfortable, it’s going to impact the quality of their stay. An uncomfortable night’s rest will leave a person counting down the days until it’s time to go home. Invest in a comfortable mattress and plush linens. Don’t try to go cheap in this area. Your guests will end up paying for it.

Working Utilities

Normally, the average family isn’t using the mother-in-law suite of the home as it’s intended for guests. However, it’s still important to check in and make sure everything is okay in the suite. Do a weekly walk-through to keep it clean and maintained. Make sure the heat and air conditioning work perfectly. Also, check the pipes, faucets and toilets to confirm that there aren’t any plumbing issues. If there are any, then you’ll definitely want to enlist the help of a professional, such as those with Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc.

Luxury Amenities

If you can afford to build or maintain a mother-in-law suite in your home, it’s really nice to spruce it up with some nice amenities. Install a mini-kitchenette. Keep a mini-fridge, an electric kettle and a few snacks on hand. It’s also nice to keep a space heater and a portable fan in the room. Some people find it very difficult to sleep without a fan running in the background. Include some tea bags, mugs and a few pairs of comfortable slippers on hand. A plush bathrobe will only make things even better!


To top it all off, make sure to keep information on hand. Instead of having to ask a million questions regarding how to access things, keep the information in a place where it’s easy to see. Most people immediately want access to the WiFi password when they come to your home. Instead of researching and figuring it out every single time, put the password in a picture frame and hang it in a place where your guests can see it.

Over a period of time, be attentive to what the guests love and what they need. As you pay attention, you’ll learn more about how you can appropriately accommodate guests in the future. Before long, you’ll have it down to a science and you’ll develop a reputation as the most hospitable person in town!

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