Preparing For A Cremation

When a family member dies, it is difficult to bring ourselves to start planning a good send off. In the early stages of grief we likely don’t want to admit that they are gone, and the idea of burying or cremating them is too much to bear.

Preparing For A Cremation

If you are in charge of planking a funeral for someone you love, there are plenty of ways to make the process easier for yourself and to allow it to be as personal as possible for your loved one. Take a look at these tips and Start planning your personalized cremation service today.


Talk to your family

The worst thing you can do for yourself during this difficult time is to try and organised everything alone. Now is not the time to try and do things on your own, you will need the support of the people who love you to take the burden off We urge you to bring your family into the conversation to get a better idea about your shoulders. Talk to your family about cremation and you can see which type of service everyone would prefer. You will need everyone to sign the permission for your cremation service so it is important that everyone is happy with the method.


Consult a professional

Planning a cremation and funeral ceremony is a huge responsibility and it can be every complicated if you don’t seek help. Try talking to a funeral director and see if they can help you to plan out your day more effectively. This will allow you to ensure there are no things missing on the day which you later regret.


Write down your intentions

If you want to hand the project off to a planner to make sure it is done right, you need to make sure that you write down everything you want to be included in the day. This will include the flowers, photographs, eulogies and even the music which plays during the ceremony. Make sure that you are able to get everything you want out of the day to celebrate the life of the person you are saying goodbye to.


Make it personal

Even though it is hard to think of saying goodbye to someone you love, you need to remember to celebrate the life they led and honour them in their final hours with you and your family. Think about the kind of things they loved in life and bring elements of this into your ceremony. If they always talked about having a funeral which was more like a party, you can make this happen and celebrate the person they were. You may be saying your final goodbyes, but you can give the send of they deserve.


What to do with the ashes

Once the cremation is completed, you will want to decide what you will do with the ashes. You can have them out into an urn and keep them in your home, or you could scatter them somewhere which means something to your loved one. This is perhaps the hardest decision at all, but it is one that you’ll be able to make with the help of your loved ones.

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