DIY Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Whether in your home or your business you need good air quality to keep you, your family, and your employees healthy. When the same air is circulated over and over, the risk is higher that the quality of the air decreases. Since you can not see air, often you don’t even think about it. Your family, and employees are coughing in your space. Dust gets in your air supply. Tiny particles of pollen get in your air supply. Burning candles and smoking dirty your air too. Even airborne illnesses are polluting your air. For all of these reasons, you need to take time to clean your air in your home and your business. Here are x ways in which you can clean your air quality. 

DIY Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Open the Windows 

You can take a day to open all the windows, and let the outside air flow through your home and business. It seems so simple, yet many do not do this. Leaving your space closed up produces ‘stale air’, as it is referred to. 

Purchase Indoor Plants 

Since humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, the amount of oxygen that is needed is reduced in enclosed spaces such as homes and businesses. You can purchase ‘house plants’ to combat this. Plants have the exact opposite process as humans do. The Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, and Boston Fern are prime examples of good indoor plants to clean your air. 

Eliminate the Source 

Burning candles and smoking in your indoor space traps the toxins into the air you are breathing. You can prevent this by simply not allowing these activities in your home and business. 

Clean Your Ducts 

The air ducts are up in the ceiling, far from your sight. They, like anything else, get dusty over time. Hiring a professional to come clean your air ducts is a great way to improve your quality of air. They have the right equipment for the job, and can get it done in a minimal amount of time. It’s worth the expense to reduce doctor bills from breathing dirty air. 

Proper Installation 

If you are installing a air conditioning unit, making sure it is done correctly in the first place will increase the quality of air over time. Contact for all your air conditioning needs. Dependable and professional services help insure you are making good choices for your future home and business air quality. 

Keeping your family and employees healthy is important, and one way to do this is maintaining good quality air. Reducing risks such as toxins, and dust will make a huge difference. Your family and employees will thank you!

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