9 Innovative Web Traffic Generation Ideas

In case you are running your own business online and the majority of your customers contact you through your website, your main aim should be to make sure that you are getting as much targeted traffic to your pages as possible. The key is quality and not quantity, though. Low conversion rates and high bounce rates will not get your site positioned high in search engines. Below you’ll find nine ideas to drive more targeted and qualified traffic to your website using innovative methods.

9 Innovative Web Traffic Generation Ideas

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Guest Blogging

You might have your own blog, but to get it noticed you will also have to be present in places where your potential buyers and clients hang out. You can try guessing, or find a popular magazine or site with loads of traffic and subscribers, so you can reach out to other people’s audience. Don’t look for direct competition, but people who promote similar products or offer complementary services. Get in touch with the owner of the popular blog, and you can submit your quality posts according to the site’s requirements to drive traffic back to your site through contextual linking.

Infographic creation

Most online business owners shy away from infographics, believing that they are hard and time consuming to make. The good news is that there are plenty of online tools and templates you can use to create stunning graphics and text. The good news is that your infographic is more likely to get picked up by search engines and shared on various platforms than your long blog post. Use online infographic tools and see for yourself how you will increase your site’s popularity.

Explainer Videos

9 Innovative Web Traffic Generation Ideas

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It is also a good idea to give before you take. You can build reciprocity if you provide valuable and useful information for your customers. You don’t have to invest in a studio to create explainer videos and educational resources for your target market. You can even turn a simple PowerPoint presentation into a video using online tools. The more value you provide through your videos the more likely your content will be shared across the internet and the more people will be interested in what you have to offer.

Branding Videos

In case you would like to deliver a consistent mission and vision statement and create a buzz about your brand, you can create easy to consume branding videos. Explain what your company is about and how you can help your customers. You can demonstrate how your product works online, or give your visitors a behind-the-scenes tour. Be sure to include a call to action and give your audience the chance to get in touch right away. You might consider investing in cheap 1300 numbers so you can capture your leads from your videos and answer all the questions to close the sale faster.

Social Media Groups

If you would like to know what your audience is interested in, you might need to increase your presence on social media. Groups and forums provide you the opportunity to create awareness about the products or services you have, and get to know your target customer in person. Find out which issues they are struggling the most often, so you can identify new opportunities. Understand their preferences and needs, so you can address them better long term. Through social media posts and groups, you can also establish yourself as an expert in the marketplace.

App Development

9 Innovative Web Traffic Generation Ideas

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In case you haven’t considered having your own branded app developed yet, it might be time to look at this opportunity closer. You can provide value by offering price comparison, easy search, or offering discounts for downloading the app. Once your market is hooked up on your app, they will be able to receive your promotional messages, such as exclusive discounts and sale events. They can access your site through a button on your app, shop through their mobile phones, and leave feedback on their purchases. For many customers, this is now the preferred way of engaging with brands.


You might also organize giveaways on social media or publish ads in local papers, if you run a small business. You will be surprised how many people will be interested in the opportunity to receive free gifts, information, or products. The good news is that there are plenty of bloggers who collect freebies and discounts, as well as competitions, so if you are doing your job right, you can get featured on some of the popular magazines or blogs and take advantage of increased targeted traffic to your pages. Remember that the more value you deliver the more likely your audience will be to buy from you.

Cross Promotions

9 Innovative Web Traffic Generation Ideas

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If you have just started your online business and would like to get established fast, you can piggyback on other sites’ success. You need to find a business partner that has related customers and visitors and offer a cross promotion deal. You can offer free services with each other’s products or discounts. Be sure to sit down with the owner of the site and discuss your small business marketing plan in detail, so you both benefit from increased sales and popularity in the end. Reciprocity is the key.

Sponsored Posts

If you really don’t have much traffic and are not yet established in the marketplace, you will need a boost. If you can find an online magazine or popular site that offers you the chance to publish sponsored posts for a nominal fee, you should grab the opportunity with both hands. You will not only create brand awareness in your target market, but also get qualified leads landing on your site, looking for more information. Your investment will return in terms of branding, popularity, and traffic, provided that you plan your campaign carefully.


If you would like to improve your website traffic, you sometimes have to think outside of the box. Focus on targeting the right market, instead of buying unqualified visitors through agencies. Try to find ways of engaging with your audience through blogging, social media, and guest posting.

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