Da Vinci’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas & Finds!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner so I hope you’re starting to think about those nauseatingly cute things to do! I was helping a friend look for a gift recently and I found quite a few nifty gift ideas that I wanted to share with you all.

Let’s be real this is definitely one of the most nerve wrecking holidays to shop for, why? because your gift has to be appropriate for the level of your relationship or you may give the wrong idea.

Quick tip for guys IF you’re not proposing do NOT buy a ring, it sends the wrong message.

Quick tip for ladies the lingerie should NOT count as a part of his gift, most men could go either way so… just buy it as a perk to set the mood.

Anyhow back to my finds, I’ll list them according to relationship level and for each gender.

Relationship Newbies (0-6 months)- As a relationship newb it may be hard to shop for this occassion based on the fact that you may not be ready to say those 3 words “I Love You”, since almost ALL the cards and gifts express that it’s important to choose a gift you can personalize and express that you care but keep things light still. Always remember to think about what they like.

For Him:

The Valentine Ad Mug is a fun way to share how you feel with your guy. You can either make it intense with emotion or whimsical. Pair this with a card, make him some dinner and Bam! You’re good to go. $12.99

For Her:

The Indulgent Spa Escape is a lovely gift basket that any woman is sure to love. She would get bath creams, salts, etc. Every woman loves to be pampered so this is a good choice. Always remember women love sentiment, pair this with a thoughtful card, her favorite candy and dinner and she’ll be a happy camper. $79.95

Relationship Settlers (6 months-1.5yrs)– At this point of the relationship you’ve probably said the I Love You’s and are on a steady pace to deciding the next steps. Jewelry isn’t a bad option at this stage for either men or women.

For Him:

The “A Legend For All Time” Corvette Men’s Chronograph Watch would be great for any man who loves watches, cars, etc. It’s a sharp looking time piece. $119.00

For Her:

Double Heart Pendant- She’ll be sure to love the symbolism in this piece, it’s also something that she will be able to wear with any outfit. $87

For Both:


Relationship Pros & All-Stars (2yrs+ & Married)– At this point if you’re not married fellas, she IS expecting a ring. If you are married then always remember that Valentine’s day is NOT about getting what they need, think about what they want. In general it’s a time to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. Vacations to rekindle romance are a great way to go!

Samasati Nature Retreat – Limon, Costa Rica

5-Night Stay for Two in Private Caribbean Bungalow Room. Combine Up to 10 Nights. $870

Three Stone Diamond Ring$3200


reasons I love you stones $29.95

I hope you’ve found this all helpful, remember to order what you need soon because if you wait last minute you your gifts may not arrive on time. Also don’t forget to Enter To WIN our Valentine’s Day giveaway!

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