How to Attract a Relationship in 2012

Hey all you single gals out there—listen up! 2012 is already here and if you vowed that December 31, 2011 was the last New Year’s Eve that you’d spend counting down alone (but looking fabulous, nonetheless) with no kiss at the stroke of midnight, then be sure to check out the following advice for how to attract a relationship in 2012:

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Bid the past farewell! To open yourself up to finding a meaningful relationship in the New Year, you’ve got to let go of everything from previous years that’s holding you back. As difficult as it may be, this means finally taking down the pictures of you and your ex from the shrine in your room and throwing out his old t-shirt that you sleep in every night. The past is the past and exes are exes for a reason. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, look at your failed romantic history as a learning experience and use those lessons to make your future relationships better.

Define your ideal man. Okay, it’s a given that Bradley Cooper meets most women’s definition of “ideal.” But it’s time to get realistic here, ladies. Grab your trusty laptop, think about what you need in a relationship to thrive and compose a list of all of the qualities, characteristics and attributes that you are looking for in a man. This year, cross off “bad-boy who is in a band” and replace it with, “nice, funny, smart and employed.” Don’t waste time with guys who fall short of your major requirements. Print your dream man list and hang it on your mirror or fridge to remind yourself of what you are looking for this year—and stick to it!

Try new things. If you continue to rely on the same old routine, you are sure to reap the same old results. With that being said, make an effort to mix things up in 2012 and increase your chances of stumbling upon Mr. Right by trying new things. If you’ve been wanting to take up painting classes or rock-climbing—what are you waiting for? Go for it! Trying a new gym, frequenting different coffee shops and dating online can have you clicking with eligible bachelors in no time. Also, don’t be afraid to try new types of guys—dating outside of your “type” will open you up to new people and new experiences!

Be an independent woman. We’ve heard it time and time again in songs, movies and straight from the mouths of men themselves—there is nothing sexier to a guy than a woman who has her own thing! So if you don’t have it yet…you better get it quick! Guys like a woman who isn’t needy and enjoys a life that doesn’t depend on him for happiness. Instead of focusing on men—on the one you have, the one you want, why you don’t have one, etc.—focus on something even better…you! Whether you find joy in your career, yoga or cooking…embrace these things and remember that you don’t need a man to make you happy! When you are truly happy with yourself, that happiness will radiate from within and any helpless man who crosses your path will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.


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Erica St. Claire is a guest post author who shares with us her tips for attracting a relationship this year. In addition, Erica also owns Christian Singles Dating Sites where she provides resources for Christians who are curious about online dating.




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