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The Rising Cost of Having Children (Infographic)

Whether you are planning on having children soon or if you have a loved one who is preparing for a child, understanding the rising cost of childbirth can give you the insight you need necessary to take on the challenge. The estimated total cost of giving birth is approximately $4,000 to $45,000.

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Common Costs Involved in Childbirth

Some of the most common expenses involved in childbirth include ultrasounds with an average cost of $935 and genetic testing for $1,500. Any emergency visit while you are pregnant can run up to $1,600 depending on the type of insurance you have and the testing or treatments you require during your stay. If you are planning on having a vaginal delivery, the average cost is $11,000 in the United States alone. For individuals who are going the C-section route, the average cost of each delivery is approximately $22,134. Overall, pregnancies are still the largest insurance payout type possible for hospitals and doctors.

Because of the increase in itemized charges during childbirth and a decline of various “pregnancy packages” in 6 years, this has led to a 49% overall increase in the price of vaginal deliveries and a 41% increase in the price of opting for a c-section. Additionally, patients are paying four times more today even if they are insurance carriers.

Approximately 2 decades ago, women were not responsible for paying for childbirth in the US. Only women who opted for a stay at a private hospital were required to pay for their services and medical assistance.


Cutting Costs When Having a Child

Once you have delivered your child and you begin receiving hospital bills, review all of them thoroughly and ask for estimates from hospitals and your medical physicians. It is possible to negotiate your bills depending on the services that were performed as well as the type of care you require during the process of the delivery.

You can also compare hospitals and birthing facilities around the country for “birthing packages” to help with saving on costs and still getting the care you need during delivery. You can find hospitals that provide bundle services to help reducing the cost overall.


Things To Consider When Preparing For A Baby

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