How Often Do You Eat Out? A Fascinating Insight Into Dining Habits In The UK

Do you ever feel that you’re maybe eating one to many takeaways or have you had a week of restaurant eating and feel it’s time to head back into the kitchen? Well new research into how much we eat out and how much we spend when we do shows that on over 19million of us eat out at least once a week, with many of us being repeat offenders.

In fact 1 in every 8.5 meals are eaten out which if you put into context that most people have 3 meals a day is a staggering amount of fine diners, takeaway enthusiasts and pub grub lovers.

In terms of how much this costs us all and the breakdown of what meal we spend most of our hard earned cash on, the research shows that we are big fans of eating out at lunchtime, least happy of having a breakfast away from home and enjoy a few dinners out a month. The figures show also unsurprisingly that the cost of these meals go up as the day goes with, on average, £4.77, £7.39, £17.89 being spent on breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

Most people, on average eat breakfast 1.8 times out a month, eat 4.2 lunches away from home and enjoy 2.5 meals a month scouring through a menu for our favourite meals.

Look through our great Infographic more great stats! The Restaurant Choice

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