All Hail Queen Bey: How to Copy Beyonce’s Most Signature Beauty Looks

Beyonces Beauty Looks

Beyonce is a not just a huge music icon, but a trend-setter in the world of fashion and beauty—often referred to as “Queen Bey” by her faithful followers. There’s no doubt that she is a natural beauty; luckily, she has also shared many of her beauty tips and tricks, including her favorite cosmetic products. Bey always rocks her signature looks, so take a few notes from her beauty bag to achieve the same sparkle and shine.

Beyonce skin style beauty

Soft Skin

Bey has a beautiful caramel complexion that always looks so soft and smooth. She achieves this look using bronzers such as L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One Day gel and Scott Barnes Body Bling. Before applying bronzer, she uses a makeup primer so that everything will look smooth and blended. After applying primer and bronzer, Bey suggests applying a lot of setting powder to keep everything in place.


Beyonce eyes style beauty

Eyes – The Window to the Soul

Queen Bey says that she loves the way she can change her whole attitude just by applying her eyeliner differently. One of her top beauty tricks is to apply a bit of gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of her eyes. This pop of shimmer gives a more “awake” look while adding a bit of glam. Beyonce also recommends layering false lashes with a waterproof mascara to avoid smudges. The false lashes also add a sexy, dramatic flair to the eyes.


Beyonce smile style beauty

Sparkling Smile

Beyonce is also known for her gorgeous smile, and happy disposition. She’s always flashing pearly whites and shiny lips to the crowd, and rarely found without a smile. For a sparkling smile, she recommends using whitening strips, and to avoid consuming too many snacks or drinks that may stain teeth, like coffee. According to Dr. Nizar Kherani, a dentist in Edmonton, dark sodas and coffees can significantly dull the sparkle of your smile, and should be consumed in moderation, or with a straw. On the lips, Beyonce’s go-to look is a classic red. Her makeup artist, Sir John, recommends using a lip liner before applying a dramatic lipstick if you have a darker toned skin like Beyonce’s.

Beyonce hair style beauty

Lovely Locks

Beyonce’s locks look amazing no matter how she has them styled. She likes to keep her hair as healthy as possible so that it looks soft and shiny whether straight or in curls. Bey’s hairstylist, Kim Kimble, makes a mixture of natural oils and vitamin E that the queen wears under a heating cap. This allows the hair to absorb the nutrients and lock in the shine. Beyonce also recommends using sulfate-free shampoos because they are gentler on the hair. After styling her hair, Beyonce uses L’Oreal Paris Elnett hairspray; she says it holds like no other product.

Many of the products Beyonce recommends can be purchased in drugstores, so you can look flawless without breaking the bank. One of the best things about Beyonce is that she never overdoes it—she combines her natural beauty with her favorite products to enhance her look instead of piling the makeup on. Once you find a few products that you like, you can merely enhance your natural beauty and enjoy using less product and makeup. While you might not be able to sing and dance like Bey, she has passed her wisdom on to faithful subjects who are striving daily to be just a little more like her. All hail Queen Bey!

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