Specialize in your Field of Expertise with a Music Degree Program

These days being a good musician can only get you so far. You only have to look online to see thousands of recordings on YouTube of absolutely wonderful musicians who just have not made it. It’s an absolute crying shame that not more of the great musicians out there can go on to have fabulous careers, but unfortunately it has always been an aspect of the music industry. Whether you like it or not, there has always been a huge amount of luck involved in whether you manage to make the breakthrough.

Specialize in your Field of Expertise with a Music Degree Program

For years, people relied on either a slice of luck or the benefit of knowing people in high places to make their break in the music industry. Trying to make it today gets harder and harder. Most large music companies like EMI receive thousands upon thousands of demo’s every week, and it’s questionable how many of them even get listened to at all. There are stories or bands and musicians camping outside of large music companies just trying to get their music heard, to no avail.

Thankfully these days there are better avenues to go down if you want to make it a step further than most. There are now measurable ways in which you can demonstrate your skills and ability, not to mention meet the people you need to meet to find the right break. More and more musicians are getting qualified through music degree programs.

For a lot of musicians, the idea of sitting in a classroom all day to study the instrument they think they are already the master of, sounds like a pretty dull idea. Thankfully, these days, music degrees are incredibly hands on and there are plenty of practical degree courses out there for musicians. What’s more, you’ll be learning about more than just the instrument you play. As well as staple courses like Bachelor of Music and Associate of Arts degrees, you’ll also find Certificates in Performance for Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Vocals. This gives a musician several things. Firstly, something to say that you have taken the subject seriously, and that you have been willing to keep learning. Secondly, it will improve your skills, no matter how polished you think you are before you start the course, and thirdly, qualifying proof, that you can play or do what you say you can!

Finally, if you choose a decent college, you can look forward to meeting a huge number of like minded people who you may well perform with through college and beyond. It’s places like this that some of the greatest bands in the world come together, and many of them citer their education as the thing that brought them together, and pushed them forward in their careers.

If you’re serious about a career in the music industry, it will pay you to think long and hard about which option to take, but above all else, do take one of the options available to you. You will grow as a musician and as a person, and you might just help yourself to get a leg up in the entertainment industry.

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