How to Throw a Killer Halloween Party for Adults

As the scarlet glow of Halloween stains the horizon, there is also the promise of parties, candy and rambunctious college students. Each Halloween marks a special celebration of all things otherworldly, and it gives people a chance to live out their inner fantasies without fear.

While often thought of as a holiday for children, adults are also primed to let loose, dress up and hunt for treats of their own. If you’re eager to plan your own Halloween bash for grown-ups, here are a few tips to keep your monstrous guests in good spirits.

How to Throw a Killer Halloween Party for Adults

Put Soul into Your Decor

A Halloween party is dead without proper ornamentation, and not in the wonderfully spooky way. Before you think of inviting a single zombie to your crib, you better make sure it’s decked out in whimsical splendor.

The most obvious tact to take would be a traditional haunted house theme, complete with faux spider webs, bloody hand prints and an artificial corpse or two. However, you can make just about any theme come alive.

Whether you make giant paper flowers for an Alice in Wonderland vibe, or plaster your halls with neon to glow under a black light, remember that the sky truly is the limit. This is your chance to really make a mark and wow your guests, so try to think outside the box and become immersed in something you really love.

Keep ‘Em Fed

Food is an essential cornerstone of any social gathering. Even people who’d be hard-pressed to attend may be likely to show up if you advertise free food. Instead of just buying everything pre-made, consider whipping up your own homemade goodies that fit into your theme.

Your guests may not have the gumption to trick-or-treat anymore, but you can at least fill your party with a wealth of sweet and savory snacks that will tide them over into the witching hours. You can bake cookies to resemble black cats and happy ghosts, and finger foods like pizza and battered mushrooms are instant hits. Whichever menu you decide on, just make sure you have enough. Guests without food may actually turn into rude, obstinate zombies.

Keep ‘Em Entertained

Entertainment can come in a rainbow of shades. For one person, music will suffice, while others would be devastated to attend a Halloween party without games. Ultimately, your choice of entertainment is up to you.

In addition to music, make sure you encourage costumes. Halloween is a bust without a variety of characters, so consider having small accessories like kitty ears and false fangs as party favors, particularly for those who have the audacity to show up in street wear.

Be Respectful of Wallflowers

A lot of people are hesitant to attend parties because they think of them as being rather overbearing. Even girls who researched sexy Halloween costume ideas for women may not be outgoing at all. Someone who’s shy or suffering from social anxiety may feel awkward in a heady atmosphere of loud music and festivities, which is why it’s nice to have more low key options for less social guests.

Making sure you have plenty of seating can help, as well as offering activities like video games or even stations for drawing and coloring. Adults are basically children at heart, so take advantage of Halloween and don’t be afraid to tap into that innocence.

Your party can offer a means of escape for adults who long to live as children for a night when their daily lives are too chaotic to do so. Ultimately, the success of your Halloween party is dependent on how much time and energy you are willing to invest in it. Your party will be a memorable experience as long as you maintain an open heart and a positive attitude.

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