Go With Your Gut and Get Your Body In Tip Top Shape For 2017 and Beyond

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As women we don’t often have the, dare I say, luxury of speaking about our digestive health openly. But the fact is, if we can’t talk to each other about these taboo topics, who can we talk to? According to a recent survey** 72% of women have experienced a digestive/gut issue in the past 12 months and nearly 2/3 of women aren’t willing to talk about it with their friends. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics wants to educate women about digestive health and how vital its ecosystem is to our body’s overall health.

Go With Your Gut and Get Your Body In Tip Top Shape For 2017 and Beyond

Growing up, whenever I got sick the first things my mother would say were go and use the bathroom and go and lie down – LOL. It didn’t matter what it was but “go and use the bathroom” always seemed to be a fix all for her. Back then, I used to think it was a cop out. However, as I got older and realized the importance of your digestive health, I realized she was on to something.

Your “gut” is considered the core of your body’s overall health and well-being and can affect your entire body, including immunity, digestion and more. I definitely learned this the hard way. I remember going through the most embarrassing doctor’s visit once. I had been feeling so sick and my sides had begun to swell up, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. So I booked an appointment and after an x-ray the doctor let me know I was LITERALLY “full of it”. My brother always likes to joke with me about being “full of it now”. 70% of your immune system is located in the intestinal tract, therefore, maintaining gut health is a key part of maintaining your overall health.  That just goes to show you that when your body isn’t regular, it can take its toll on you. Would you know if your gut is out of balance? Check out 6 signs below to see if your body is on the right track.


Check Out 6 Signs That Your Gut Is Out Of Balance!

Go With Your Gut and Get Your Body In Tip Top Shape For 2017 and Beyond

Now that you know what signs to look for, it’s time you know what ways to take action. Once simple solution is taking a probiotic. That’s why I started taking Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics. With just 1 pill daily, I was able to help get my gut in order. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics delivers unique potent, multi-strain formulas to help achieve good health from the inside out. Taking Renew Life Flora Probiotics helps keep your complex digestive system thriving and restores good bacteria. Most people don’t know that probiotics are actually vital to everyone’s health.  Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Probiotics offers formulas specially designed for everyone in the family, from kids to seniors, to support digestive balance and immune health everyday.*

Ready To Get Your Gut In Order?

Go With Your Gut and Get Your Body In Tip Top Shape For 2017 and Beyond Go With Your Gut and Get Your Body In Tip Top Shape For 2017 and Beyond

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