5 Signs You’re in an Urgent Need of a Style Makeover

The person you were a few years ago doesn’t really exist anymore, does she? You know this, we know this – and it’s time that changed.

Remember when you used to be all put-together, with your eye on the latest accessories and your mind set on the front row, next to Ms. Anna? Ah, the good days. And now? The clothes are dull, the colors are washed-out and you’ve suddenly become that person you’ve always been rolling your eyes at – yes, the one with a packing closet of things with nothing to wear. Even worse – with no inspiration to put together a decent outfit! The question is: Are we going to get into a Freudian analysis and discuss what-the-hell-happened to you and, well, blame it on your mother in the process or just skip the lament and do something about raising you from the fashion(ably) dead? We say we do the latter. The idea is to bring back the glam into your life with just a little effort, and remind you who you’ve been before things went downhill.

5 Signs You're in an Urgent Need of a Style Makeover

If you’re still thinking that you are doing just fine and that you don’t need the fashion makeover we’re suggesting, here are five clues to convince you otherwise:

Your clothes partially fit

The last time you went shopping was when you were a few sizes smaller/bigger, so no wonder you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, even with your closet packing. Whether they are too small or too big, the ill-fitting items MUST BE replaced with your size, and should be on trend. While you may be proud of your quirky style and your DIY charms, the truth is – unless you’ve got at least one trendy item, your whole outfit will scream passé. Get rid of all the items that don’t suit you and give your wardrobe an overhaul.

You feel uninspired by your clothes

5 Signs You're in an Urgent Need of a Style Makeover

If you aren’t excited by at least ten pieces in your wardrobe, it’s time you did something about it! Injecting your clothing items with vibrant, cheerful colors, patterns, graphics, prints and quotes may do wonders for your style, especially when you make your fashion choices wisely. For instance, pairing up yellow pants with cute sandals is everything for the summer! Also, combining that white bodycon with a stylish boho-inspired loose overcoat and pleated sandals for a chill night out… divine. Experiment! Go back to who you were and remember how fun it was to enjoy fashion!

You keep wearing the same clothes

Ok, let’s be honest: how many times have you worn those black pants to work last week because you didn’t know what else to wear? What about that gray turtleneck? Exactly. No worries, you’ll get out of the rut the moment you introduce the first two segments from the above into your fashion routine.

You are lacking crucial items

5 Signs You're in an Urgent Need of a Style Makeover

Whether you are a tomboy, a girly girl or a spicy chica, don’t ever let yourself be without a fashionable maxi, a kaftan rich in color, design and material, a high-quality overcoat/cardigan and fitted pants. These are key elements for every girl’s/woman’s wardrobe as they have a very luxurious and transformative quality. Pairing any of these items with something simple and elegant will help you ooze confidence, style and that wonderful I-know-what-I-am-doing vibe. If you are lacking any of the mentioned items – go shopping, immediately!

You are always underdressed or overdressed

Back in the day when all you could think about were jocks and cheerleader tryouts, it was very cute (and tolerable) when you used to pair up your cocktail dress with sneaks… kinda charming, even. It was also very sweet to see you show up on your friend’s birthday in an elegant gala dress that was absolutely too much for the occasion. Naturally, the key ingredient tying both of these situations together is the fact that you are (probably) still making the same mistakes or, even worse, keeping those items alive in your wardrobe, hoping to wear them “just this once”. Mark our words – getting rid of the idea of childish fashion faux pas moments and replacing them with statement pieces is essential! Know that being polished doesn’t mean looking boring, so march to your closet straight away and start making some great decisions!

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