Get FarmHouse Fresh From The Inside Out! + Giveaway

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Anyone that knows me can say that I’m big on body scrubs and oils. I love the feeling of a good body polish or massaging oils into my body fresh from the shower. Because of my love of these things, I’m always on the hunt for great additions to my collection. When I had the opportunity to check out some goods from FarmHouse Fresh I jumped on it!

What I love about FarmHouse Fresh is that their skincare products are  crafted with either certified organic or up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients. Everything they make is chocked full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms, including their own farm. I was given the opportunity to try out The Blushing Agave Body Oil, Big Bare Body Scrub, and  Sweet Milk hand lotion. Check out my thoughts below and of course we’re giving a luck winner a chance to win all 3 products. Enter to win below.

The Blushing Agave Body Oil

Get FarmHouse Fresh From The Inside Out! + Giveaway

The Blushing Agave Body Oil is great to use when you’re fresh out the shower or ocean. I love how light it feels and smells. Whether you’re using it on yourself or during a sensual massage it’s a great addition to your collection.


Big Bare Body Scrub

Get FarmHouse Fresh From The Inside Out! + Giveaway

The Big Bare Body Scrub gives you a taste of the spa-like treatment right at home. It’s the perfect way to prepare for a date night or just winding down from a long day. It smells delicious too.

 Sweet Milk hand lotion

Get FarmHouse Fresh From The Inside Out! + Giveaway

I’m constantly washing my hands so I always need lotion in my purse to make sure I’m not ashy, lol. I loved how soft my hands felt after using the Sweet Milk hand lotion. The scent is sweet and light so it won’t conflict with anything else you have one.

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