3 Financially Risky but Highly Rewarding Jobs

Some jobs are inherently risky, not just for a person’s physical well-being, but also in terms of finance. A job can also be a form of investment, where a person initially devotes a lot of time and labor in return for a lucrative return. In this sense, some jobs are safe, while others are really a gamble, such as investing in penny stock. 

A financially-secure job is a form of employment where you are guaranteed a paycheck on a recurring basis. Then there are those financially risky jobs where the labor is intensive without a guarantee of payment. 

Here is a list of jobs that can be very rewarding, but which do not provide a reliable salary:

Author or Writer

If you love reading books, then you would know what a struggle it is to make it as an author. Take it from a modern marvel like J.K. Rowling, who had to make ends meet with food stamps before she became the billionaire author of the Harry Potter phenomenon. 

Writing a book may take years. And when the book is finally published, there’s no guarantee that it would be a commercial success. As a result, writers often have to resort to menial jobs or do freelancing work for a pittance while also finishing a manuscript. 

Amateur writers have to hone their craft and churn out manuscripts while never actually making any real money. But no one really writes just for the money.  It’s a form of creative expression and a source of mental satisfaction. And if an author does manage to publish a bestseller, the financial rewards can be immense in terms of not just book sales, but merchandising and selling movie rights too.  

Day Trader

Dabbling in the stock market is always very risky. One wrong move could cost an investor their entire capital. But the right move could make an investor a millionaire. That’s exactly the lure of day trading, a professional that has been compared to playing with fire. 

Day traders sell or buy securities within a single trading day without holding on to the shares in the long term. It’s highly susceptible to the volatility of the market. Making it in this line of work requires a lot of resilience and financial acumen. 

Not everyone can become a successful day trader. The success stories come from people who are either extremely lucky or are experienced professionals with the right know-how. Regardless of how financially proficient one is, this is one job where making money is never really certain. But if you do make a great trade, you could become a millionaire in a day. 

Travel Blogger 

Travel blogging sounds like a dream come true. You get to fly to exotic places, write a paragraph or two about it, and make a ton of money, right? Actually, no. Travel blogging is risky on so many fronts. Bloggers need a lot of capital initially to spend on plane tickets, hotels, and other activities. Blogs don’t attract investors. 

Though travel bloggers spend their own money launching a site, there’s no guarantee that the resulting blog would actually be successful. The sector is highly competitive, so each blogger has to stand out from the others to attract readers. 

In a nutshell, travel blogging is a cutthroat business where a steady salary is never guaranteed. Then again, some travel blogs do end up being major successes that earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. 

Would you like to spend all day at a job that you never know would pay off? If you are good at delaying rewards and have the right amount of talent, you may be able to succeed in the kind of jobs mentioned above. 

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