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Get A Stylish Workout With Reebok: Win $120 To Customize Your Reebok #StyleNeverStops

I don’t know about you but I’m working hard to get my body in shape and feel my best. I’ve been changing up my diet and working out more so I wanted to invest in some awesome looking workout clothes… because well, there’s ALWAYS a hottie in the gym...
Posted On 16 Apr 2014

Don’t Get Duped! Here is What He Needs For His Closet and Style

Are you ready to start shopping? If you are trying to help the man in your life overhaul his closet, then follow this quick guide of five clothing tips. You will discover the perfect accessories and must-haves the man in your life needs to produce the perfect outfit every day....

Shop for Men’s Apparel Online: A Great Way to Save Money and Buy Cool Clothes

Who said flaunting super glam bling is only limited to ladies? To shoot up their desirability quotient a lot of young guys are sporting various kinds of  apparel and accessories that were once limited to girls. Earlier men shied away from wearing studs, hair band as it was...
Posted On 28 Mar 2014

Are You Wearing the Right Underwear for Your Body Type?

There is a good chance that the answer is no! A huge percentage of women are actually picking out the wrong size of bra or donning rather unflattering undies. While it may seem like they fit fine, surveys have shown that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size and...
Posted On 27 Mar 2014

The Best Kind of Collar for Your Tie Knot

It’s hard enough to choose the right kind of shirt for an occasion let alone the tie to go with it. Add to that the various knot styles you need to pick from, and you can find yourself in quite a tangle (excuse the pun). Here’s our list of favourite knot types and the best kind...
Posted On 11 Mar 2014

Top 3 Street Clothing You Can Never Go Wrong With

Tired of dressing up? Well, dress down. Dressing down is not dressing wrong, let me emphasise that. In fact, when I dress down, I feel comfy and light, and more able to walk the streets worry-free. Of course, I make sure I’m doing it right. And dressing down the right way proves...

Outfit Check: How to Choose the Perfect Party Outfit for this Friday Night

When the weekend finally arrives, there’s not a minute to waste on choosing the perfect party outfit. If you’re a social butterfly, you likely have several gatherings to attend or even to host on any given weekend. You want to look good for any party, no matter how...
Posted On 26 Feb 2014
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Ugly Ducklings to Seductive Swans: 5 Of the Best Celebrity Transformations

Celebrities are known as the bold and the beautiful with appearances that truly stand out in the media. Although most celebrities are idolized for their beautiful looks and slim figures, there are a few who became famous before they blossomed into true swans. These stars have now...
Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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5 Must Have Fashion Items For Valentine’s Day 2014

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us and it is time to start thinking about what to do. Going out for a romantic meal with your loved one is always a good idea. If you are single then finding love on a Valentine’s Day is not impossible either. To ensure that you...
Posted On 07 Feb 2014

Jennifer Lopez Jumps On The Vintage Craze – #Style Me Fabulous!

Jennifer Lopez is an actress, singer, dancer, and fashion designer. She is one of those celebrities in Hollywood who seems to have many professions behind her name. To Lopez’s credit, though, she has managed to become successful in virtually everything she has tried to...
Posted On 10 Jan 2014

Learn From the Best – 4 Celebrity Styles You Can Easily Imitate

Celebrities are sometimes known as much for their style and fashion sense as they are for their work as entertainers. We all want the celebrity look, but not many of us have the budget. Here’s 4 celebrity styles you can easily imitate while using the wallet of a mere human....
Posted On 27 Nov 2013
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