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3 Tips To Choose A Really Good Optician

The truth is that it is quite simple to find a location for you to get the routine eye tests done. We are faced with many different independent optician services and various national chains that everyone knows about. The problem is that many hurry. They just choose the first...
Posted On 20 Mar 2017

Eye Health 411: Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Your Vision

There are many controllable risk factors to prevent vision loss. You do not have to subject yourself to any of them, and you can change any of the ones that you are doing. Here are four lifestyle changes to help you keep your eyes healthy. Quit Smoking Your eyes have some of the...
Posted On 13 Feb 2017

Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous and Work Fabulous: 5 Tips For Maintaining A Work/Life Balance

As many of you will remember, I had lasik eye surgery earlier this year. Honestly, it’s been something that has truly changed my life and how I get to view the world.  With that said, I never realized how much of an attachment or part of my identity that my glasses had...
Posted On 25 Nov 2015