Swimsuits For Your Body Shape: Boyish

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Flaunt your assets and look great in a swimsuit this season. We have the secrets for looking good in a bathing suit no matter your shape.

  1. The boyish shape is ‘straight up and down’, which means you have narrow hips and a small bust. Whether you’re tall or short, your bust, waist and hip measurements tend to be quite similar.
  2. For a two-piece, try a triangle top or halter that ties in the front. A low neckline is key to accentuate the cleavage you do have. Get some bottoms with ruffles, rings or bows. Anything goes!
  3. For a one-piece, try a belted waistline to accentuate your middle. Stay with a low neckline and avoid the tank style.
  4. Avoid dark swimsuits. Instead go for something bright. Also, no horizontal stripes.

Beach Style:
Swimsuits For Your Body Shape: Boyish

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